Kevin James Weight Loss: Diet & Here Comes the Boom Update – Kevin James had an incredible weight loss in 2012 for the movie, Here Comes the Boom. Although he was out of shape soon, he mentioned that he started following a healthy diet routine again. 

Kevin George Knipfing, known professionally as Kevin James, is an American comedian and actor. He gained fame after he made his debut at Richie Minervini’s East Side Comedy Club on Long Island. Recently, he has been in the news after saying that he won’t include politics in his latest stand-up special, Irregardless.

During Kevin’s latest show, he said that it was very early on when he started doing stand-up; he knew that if he was going to get a spot on The Tonight Show or another TV show, he had to change his act. He also mentioned that he didn’t want to be limited by these things, that he wouldn’t write about politics or current events, and that he didn’t want to lose my material.

Meanwhile, we have found that many people have recently been curious to know about his weight loss as the once-heavy-looking Kevin looks incredibly different now. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Everything About Kevin James’s Weight Loss Journey!

Kevin James (@kevinjamesofficial) shocked his fans with his weight loss in 2012 for the movie Here Comes the Boom. He follows a strict diet and exercise routine to be fit for the role. Some people also believed that he had a weight loss in 1998 for his series King of Queen, but the rumors have not been confirmed by him yet.

If you are familiar with Kevin from the beginning of his career, then you might have seen his weight fluctuate. Recently, his weight loss has been in the headlines, and people seem to be quite impressed with his hard work. The Internet has been talking about his diet routine and what motivated him the most to have a weight loss.

Kevin James underwent weight loss by following a strict diet routine. celebsindepth.comKevin James underwent weight loss by following a strict diet routine.
Image source: Instagram

Well, Kevin has had weight loss many times in his life to fit in the role. However, as of 2024, he seems to have lost some pounds to be healthy. There are rumors that he has been suffering from Type 2 diabetes again, and to recover soon, he has been trying hard to lose weight. Till now, the rumors have not been confirmed, but we will be talking more about the weight loss he has achieved in his career.

Kevin James Underwent a Weight Loss Journey for Here Comes the Boom: What Was His Diet Routine?

Kevin James is one of the biggest inspirations to many people, and he does everything he thinks. One of the examples of his dedication can be taken as his incredible weight loss. He lost 80 pounds to fit in the role of a 2012 American sports comedy film, Here Comes the Boom. Kevin also mentioned that he got into such good shape for the movie and for himself.

Kevin James lost 80 pounds in 2012 for Here Comes the Boom. celebsindepth.comKevin James lost 80 pounds in 2012 for Here Comes the Boom.
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Losing 80 pounds helped Kevin a lot for the movie and he was able to do all of those scenes in the ring without sustaining any injuries. He tried to maintain his shape, but he was out of shape again some months after the movie’s release. Alhotigh’s weight loss was a successful story; he lost all that weight and then regained it for his present discomfort, as he stated;

I want to get back in shape, bad. I felt better, my clothes fit me, my mind was clearer. But it’s a very difficult thing to sustain. I was working out all the time when I was getting ready for the movie.

How Did Kevin James Lose Weight?

There are also rumors that Kevin James had his first weight loss in 1998 for his role as Doug Heffernan on the CBS sitcom The King of Queens. The rumors might not be true because he has not talked much about it. Well, his maintained looks in the movie are how he used to look in his early days.

When talking about Kevin’s weight loss routine, he is very focused on his diet and exercise. He eats low-carb by also modifying his food and nutrition intake to reduce extra calories. He loves avoiding sugary foods like pastries, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and canned goods and he also consumes protein and loves to have eggs during his breakfast. As for his workout routine, he gets trained by his MMA coach and a gym trainer.