Kirk Franklin’s Plastic Surgery in 2022: Is He the Same Person as His Old Pictures? Then and Now Contrasted!

Kirk Franklin’s plastic surgery has spawned a slew of ridiculous conspiracy theories on web forums in 2022. Fans claim that his then and now pictures look completely different. Also, his fans are pointing out that he looked much better in his old pictures. Find out more about Kirk Franklin’s plastic surgery in detail by reading this article.

Kirk Franklin, known as the Reigning King of Urban Gospel, was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on January 26, 1970. Franklin was raised by his aunt Gertrude after his mother abandoned him; she paid for his piano lessons when he was four years old by gathering aluminum cans.

Franklin had already demonstrated his musical skill at such an early age that, at the age of seven, he was given his first contract. His aunt, however, declined the contract at the time.

Franklin returned to the church after a time of adolescent rebellion and began studying music with Jewell Kelly & the Singing Chaparrals at Oscar Dean Wyatt High School. He also co-founded the gospel ensemble The Humble Hearts, whose recording of one of his own songs made Milton Biggham aware of him. At the 1990 Gospel Music Workshop of America Convention, the latter eventually recruited Franklin to conduct the choir.

With his seventeen-piece choir group Kirk Franklin & The Family, Franklin launched his professional career in 1992. Their self-titled debut album lasted 42 weeks at the top of Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart after its 1993 release. It was the first gospel album to sell more than a million copies, earning platinum sales status.

Fans are hesitant to believe that the 52-year-old choir singer’s changes are the result of natural aging because he looks drastically different now in 2022 than he did in the past. He appears to have undergone a facelift and numerous other plastic surgery procedures.

Unsurprisingly, the majority believe he looked far better before. What procedures did he go through? Read this article to find out.

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Kirk Franklin’s Plastic Surgery in 2022: Then and Now Images & Old Pictures Examined!

You won’t believe how many fans on the internet believe Kirk Franklin (@kirkfranklin) was cloned. Everyone seems to be in agreement that the individual is no longer the same as he was in his old pictures. That illustrates how ludicrous and blatant his numerous plastic surgery treatments have been.

Fans have been speculating about Kirk Franklin’s plastic surgery on the internet, with some saying he looks different and others being even more startled and saying he might have been cloned. The cloning portion sounds a little far-fetched, but you can’t dispute that he’s made a few cosmetic changes to his face. His old photos are completely different from how he looks now.

It’s pretty clear that Kirk has undergone plastic surgery of some kind. So, what changes has he made? In addition to his overly contoured nose, we think Kirk Franklin’s eyes appear considerably more extended than they did before, and his cheeks appear a lot fuller. His then and now pictures look completely different as if it is two different persons.

The obvious work done on his face indicates that he is only one visit to the doctor away from screwing it up. But those aren’t our words. Fans are expressing this sentiment on Lipstick Alley, and who can blame them? Fans have seen a plethora of other changes over the years, in addition to the obvious facelift surgery, as well as possible eyelift, fillers, and cheek implants.

The 52-year-old singer Kirk Franklin, seems to have gone through different esthetic surgery, to which his fans and followings seem to be disproving and suggesting he stay away from surgeries. His fans also claim that he looks completely different in 2022 from how he used to look in his old pictures.

Kirk Franklin Discusses His Relationship With His Son

Over a year has passed since Kirk Franklin‘s son Kerrion revealed the audio of his heated argument with his father. The gospel singer is now speaking frankly about where they are at this time.

Kirk Franklin made an appearance on The Breakfast Club on June 16 to talk about a variety of topics, including his admiration for the Maverick City Music Group (@maverickcitymusic) and his opinions on R. Kelly‘s predicament.

The topic of Franklin’s connection with his son Kerrion came up during their talk with DJ Envy. The musician spoke out about how he handled the heated controversy that erupted after his son slammed him on social media. Franklin stated:

We historically have tried to keep our journey with our son and his state a private family matter. I love my son and we’ve been here for many, many, many years and I’ve done everything that I could to try and help him for many, many many years. My son is a very talented, beautiful soul and the way that he was wired is not necessarily his fault. Some of us are born with very unique wiring and a lot of times in our community it is hard for us to acknowledge certain wiring. We want to think it’s something else.

Kerrion Franklin generated unfavorable stories about his father in March 2021 after posting a piece of a heated phone discussion with his father. The Gospel singer threatened to harm his son on the phone and then hung up. Kirk Franklin apologized to his son and his followers in a lengthy video after the recording went viral.

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