Breaking Up With Aaron Brown Kris Collins Has No Boyfriend – As of 2024, Kris Collins has no boyfriend, and she is single, but she has dated Aaron Brown in the past, and they were together for six years. The reasons for their breakup are still unknown, but Reddit users have some interesting speculations on this matter.

Who is the TikTok sensational, Kris Collins? What do we know about the TikTok star and what is her background story? Is she single? Is she dating anyone? Most of you must be wondering about all these questions and the Internet is also asking these questions. The 27-year-old TikTok star used to be a hairdresser, and when the coronavirus hit she had already worked for three years as a hairdresser. Later the former hairdresser started posting videos on TikTok to quit her job as a hairdresser.

The viewers loved her content and she gained a massive fan following through TikTok. Apart from posting videos on TikTok and working as a hairdresser she also used to work on television and movie, and there is a rumor that she also worked on the set of Riverdale. TikTok is not the only platform the former hairdresser has a fan following, her content on Instagram and YouTube is also loved by the viewers and she has decent followers on these social media platforms.

Surely, one may see Kris Collins as a successful person but what about her personal life? That question is one of the most asked questions on the Internet and today we are going to discuss one of the topics about her personal life and that is about her boyfriend. So is she dating anyone? If yes, how long has it been since they started dating? Well, to find answers to all of these questions, let’s read this article!

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Kris Collins Has Yet to Have a New Relationship With Her Boyfriend!

Over the years, Kris Collins‘ (@kriscollins) boyfriend has been a topic of conversation on the Internet. The 27-year-old TikTok star is currently single but she was in a relationship with Aaron Brown (@aaronbrown_17) in the past and they dated each other for six years. Later, the couple broke up in 2021 and the actual reason behind their breakup is still unknown however there have been some rumors about the reasons of their breakup.

The only relationship that has been public about Kris Collins is with Aaron Brown and she herself has admitted to dating Brown. There is very little to know about Brown’s personal or professional background because only gained popularity as Kris Collins’ lover. Brown has also made appearances in a few of Collins’ YouTube and TikTok reels and they have also been spotted going skiing together. The TikTok star posted two pictures on Instagram about them going skiing once on Valentines day and once on the day they went skiing with captions:

Happy Valentines Day to my favourite ski buddy and best friend ❤

First ski of the season was great⛷#cypressmountain

Pictures of Kris Collins and Aaron Brown going skiing together. Pictures of Kris Collins and Aaron Brown going skiing together.
Source: Instagram

The TikTok star has surprisingly been very open about her relationship with Aaron Brown which was quite surprising. That was not the only time the former hairdresser posted her ex-boyfriend on Instagram. Later on October 21, 2020 also she posted a reel with her boyfriend at the time and captioned,

Introduced @aaronbrown_17 , my boyfriend, to the tiktok world today ❤️

Why Did Kris Collins Breakup With Aaron Brown?

How did Kris Collins and Aaron Brown meet? Well, the couple met each other at a barbeque party and there they matched each other’s vibe and connected and planned their first date on Collin’s birthday. They were together for six whole years and there have been no definite reason of why they grew apart from each other.

Kris Collins Doesn't have a boyfriend. Kris Collins Doesn’t have a boyfriend as of 2024
Source: Instagram

However, Reddit users have been speculating about their breakup and they have some interesting theories about them splitting. Apparently, the couple broke up because they couldn’t do long distance relationship. Reddit users even predicted that they were never going to last given that she used to live in a different country and it would only take a few months before they called it quits and that’s exactly what happened. Also there was a unique speculation from one of the user and he stated,

 If they somehow manage to make it work for more than a year, especially with this omicron going around that’s probably gonna stop her from traveling anywhere for awhile, then good for them.

It’s only natural for Reddit users and the rest of the Internet to gossip and speculate their theories but the actual reason for Collin’s breakup with Brown still remains a mystery. As of 2024, Kris Collins is single and she doesn’t have a boyfriend and there have been also records of her being married and she is entirely focused on her professional career.