Does Kuro From One Piece Have Devil Fruit? What Happened to Him?

Kuro from One Piece doesn’t have devil’s fruit. After a time skip, Captain Kuro’s story ends abruptly following his defeat in Syrup Village, giving the Netflix series a blank canvas to work with should they decide to develop his character.

One Piece Live Action on Netflix has finally premiered, and both critics and original manga fans have praised the show for its success. The narrative takes place during the Great Pirate Age, which the fabled Gold Roger helped usher in. During this time, a young boy named Luffy embarks on a journey in search of the legendary artifact known as the One Piece. The One Piece Live Action series, which is set in the Great Pirate Era and centers on Luffy’s search for the legendary One Piece, has received positive reviews from reviewers and viewers alike.

In the Syrup Village arc, the extremely menacing villain Captain Kuro gets in Luffy’s way. He is extremely challenging for Luffy to beat with a whopping 16 million berries as a bounty on his head. In addition to them, he also possesses a number of physical traits that make him a formidable opponent, such as great speed, which enables him to obstruct his enemies’ escape attempts, and this has led fans to wonder if he has a devil fruit power.

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Despite Having Great Power, Kuro From One Piece Doesn’t Have the Devil’s Fruit!

In Netflix’s Luffy will find character, Kuro to be very difficult to defeat because of the enormous bounty of 16 million berries that is placed on his head. The Straw Hat Pirates will also encounter a number of difficulties thanks to the Black Cat Pirates. He not only possesses these abilities, but he also possesses a number of physical characteristics that make him a fearsome foe, such as high speed, which allows him to thwart his foes’ attempts to flee. He has power and ability, which can be obtained from devil fruit, but does he have the fruit?

Kuro doesn't have devil's fruit. celebsindepth.comKuro doesn’t have devil’s fruit.
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Kuro, unlike other opponents, has no Devil Fruit abilities; instead, his speed comes from his skills and innate agility. The Black Cat Pirates’ leader, according to “One Piece” creator Eiichiro Oda, can run 100 meters in four to five seconds, or around 25 meters per second, or about 55 miles per hour. In response to the query, the venerable manga artist stated;

To be honest, it is extremely difficult to measure his  speed correctly, but I don’t think it would take more than 5 seconds [to run 100 meters].

Kuro first thought the Straw Hats were merely kids and not real pirates; thus, he did not see them as a threat. Before displaying his Devil Fruit powers, Luffy continued to believe that his crew’s defeat by them was just the product of their own frailty. He also didn’t seem at all surprised when Zoro said that after defeating the Nyaban Brothers, he could easily wipe out the entire Black Cat Pirate crew in under five minutes. Monkey D. Luffy was incensed by his opinions on the pirate lifestyle because he had a completely different perspective.

Captain Kuro’s Story Ends Abruptly Following His Defeat in One Piece!

It has been revealed that Captain Kuro (Alexander Maniatis) (@alexander_maniatis) doesn’t have devil’s fruit. He might experience a similar fate in Season 2 in light of this. His story ends abruptly following his defeat in Syrup Village, giving the Netflix series a blank canvas to work with should they decide to develop his character. All that is known about his post-victory life is that the Marines discovered his existence and renewed the bounty on his life when he returned to command the Black Cat Pirates.

Kuro will not appear in season 2 of One Piece. celebsindepth.comKuro hasn’t been seen since in either the manga or the anime.
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Kuro was a tough opponent for Luffy early on, but in comparison to the characters the Straw Hat Pirates encounter later in their adventure, he is nothing. More artistic licenses would be required if the Netflix series wanted to bring him back, but it has already shown that it is capable of making such alterations. He doesn’t seem like the kind to develop into more of an ally, like Buggy, so we’re not sure where his tale may go, except for coming back to face the Straw Hats again. He nonetheless seems like a terrific character for the series to explore further, especially given that Netflix would have a clean slate to start with.

“One Piece” has a tendency to refer back to earlier characters, tying them into the most recent plot line and strengthening the sense of interconnectedness in the world. Kuro, the leader of the Black Cat Pirates, hasn’t been seen since in either the manga or the anime, so it appears that trend missed him. They might lose out to the Netflix adaptation, though. It’s possible that Koby, Helmappo, Jango, Fullbody, etc., defeated Kuro and Morgan.