Zoro’s Childhood Friend Kuina: Is She Alive or Killed Herself? Reddit!

Shimotsuki Kuina is Zoro’s childhood friend in Netflix’s One Piece. She was his rival, Roronoa, and was even able to defeat him as she was really strong. She is not alive; she was declared dead after falling from the stairs, but Reddit users have different theories, saying that her death might be murder or suicide.

One Piece, a live-action Netflix series based on the Japanese anime series, has been hailed by critics as a surprising hit. Similar to Eiichiro Oda’s original plots, the show centers on a band of pirates who are searching for the fabled One Piece of Wealth.” The show seems to have defied the pattern of prior manga-live-action crossovers, which have been underwhelming.

Zoro is played by Japanese actor Mackenyu Arata. He isn’t the Straw Hat Pirates crew member who exhibits the greatest emotion. That doesn’t prevent him from forging deep connections with the individuals he values. Recently, his childhood friend has been addressed. And the most anticipated reveal is about his childhood friend, who has been discussed by Reddit users wondering if she is still alive.

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Zoro’s Childhood Friend Is Shimotsuki Kuina, Played by Audrey Cymone in One Piece!

Shimotsuki Kuina, according to Wiki, was a rival of Roronoa Zoro as well as a friend from childhood. Zoro may come across as careless but his moral character and regard for his allies are also highly regarded. As a pirate, a swordsman, and most importantly, as a friend, he consistently maintains his honor. Despite remaining true to himself, he is able to tailor each friendship in a unique way. Although he has a harsh exterior, he has a strong affection for the friends he has made so far on his adventure.

Kuina Zoro's childhood friend is played by Audrey Cymone. celebsindepth.comKuina Zoro’s childhood friend is played by Audrey Cymone.
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Koshiro and an unnamed woman gave birth to Kuina on September 17, 1503, but at some point during her early years, her mother passed away. She was briefly observed practicing outside her father’s dojo 12 years before the events of the current plot, using her sword to attack a pole. After 2000 fights, Zoro discovered that he could never defeat Kuina, despite his constant battles with her. She utilized the Meito Wado Ichimonji that belonged to her family when he challenged her to a sword duel using actual swords.

Little Kuina had dark brown eyes and short, dark blue hair. She was a brash and self-assured young girl who was confident in her skill with a sword when she was first introduced (in a flashback). She had been warned by her father about her difficulties in the future, but she had always known that as she grew older, it would be more difficult for her to compete with men since she was a woman.

She attempted to convince her father that she was capable of becoming the best swordswoman in the world by masking her uncertainty and worry with cockiness and seeming confident rather than weak and scared. As she developed, her gender would compel her to give up the life of a swordsman. Zoro eventually persuaded her that a swordsman is formed not of strength but of will and ability.

Zoro’s childhood friend, Kuina had lofty aspirations for her abilities as a swordswoman, but her dream would come to an end when she tripped on the steps. His last encounter with Kuina, who was declared dead at the scene, would influence him for the rest of his life and inspire the pirate to promise to become a skilled swordsman in honor of his deceased friend, rival, and relative.

Is Kuina, Zoro’s Friend Alive? Did She Kill Herself? Reddit Update!

It is said that Kuina, Zoro‘s friend died, and is not alive and fans wonder if she was killed or was it a suicide. Shimotsuki Kuina’s demise is portrayed in the universe of One Piece as a terrible accident. She unintentionally fell down a stairway at the age of eleven, which caused her premature death. Soon after a meaningful talk with Roronoa Zoro in which they both vowed to become the best swordsmen in the world, this tragic occurrence happened. Zoro is inspired by Kuina’s passing to work harder than ever to realize their shared ideal.

Kuina is not alive, but she didn't kill herself. celebsindepth.comKuina is not alive, but she didn’t kill herself.
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There are several reddit discussions regarding her death, and they cannot digest the fact that she died falling from the stairs. One of the users wrote, She is a girl who was able to defeat Zoro in a duel 2001 times. She can even defeat older men. How does someone like that pass away from a stairway fall? Adding;

What if her father didn’t want Zoro to know the truth about what had happened to her because he didn’t want him to live in retaliation?

One user said that, in Japanese culture, “falling down the stairs” is frequently regarded as suicide. She continued;

When I initially watched the anime, it was strongly hinted that she had killed herself. In Wano, I believe we’ll learn more about it.