Lacey Chabert’s Weight Gain in 2022: Why Does She Look Heavier?

Lacey Nicole Chabert, one of the cast members of Haul Out the Holly, is making headlines, in 2022, because of her current weight gain appearance in the movie. However, the 40-year-old actress has not yet talked about her transformation.

Hallmark’s Haul Out the Holly, directed by Maclain Nelson and part of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas lineup, is a comedy film about Emily played by Lacey Chabert, who decides to surprise her parents by visiting them uninvited for Christmas this year. However, she finds herself on the receiving end of a surprise as her parents are also on a trip. As a result, she must spend the holidays alone at home. When Emily’s old friend Jared knocks on her parents’ door, things begin to heat up as the HOA encourages her to take part in the neighborhood’s Christmas festivities.

Along with Lacey, there are several talented actors in the movie, including Melissa Peterman as Pamela, Ellen Travolta as Mary Louise, Peter Jacobson as Albert, Carrie Morgan as Gail, and Laura Wardle as Belinda. The Hallmark film also has Jake Stormoen as Dan, Lila Clark as Nicole, and Charlotte Witt as Helen which premiered on the Hallmark channel on November 26, 2022, at 8 pm EST.

As soon as the movie got released, Lacey Chabert has been on the highlight due to her current overweight appearance in the Hallmark movie. According to reports, the actress looks a little heavier in the movie. As a result, many people have been interested in her weight gain and curious to know more about the reason behind her current overweight body transformation.

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Lacey Chabert’s Weight Gain in 2022: Viewers Believe the Haul Out the Holly Cast Looks a Little Heavier in the Movie!

Lacey Nicole Chabert (@thereallacey), one of the cast members of Hallmark‘s Haul Out the Holly (2022), directed by Maclain Nelson is currently making headlines because of her weight gain appearance in her new movie. However, the 40-year-old actress has not yet spoken openly about the reason behind her appearance. As a result, we’re forced to speculate the possible reasons.

Hallmark Channel has dubbed Chabert, one of the greatest young actors of her generation, adding that her “portfolio is as vast as it is diverse.” The ability of this actress was extraordinary and her beauty to maintain such a flawless body and charm in her character was unquestionably impressive. However, now it seems like everything is changed for her due to her overweight physique.

Lacey Chabert is frequently mentioned in relation to either her plastic surgery rumors or her weight gain. The speculations about her weight gain have almost surpassed those about her cosmetic surgery, and the whole weight gain thing can also be traced back to her time in A Wish for Christmas.

Back in 2016, Hallmark’s TV movie A Wish for Christmas cast was forced to get creative on set for her upcoming film, in which she played a character who is most strongly not pregnant and struggling with body image issues.

Later, in the Instagram post, the then-expectant mother showed off a seemingly magical dress that, from the side, shows off her growing baby bump but completely covers up it from the front. She later explained,

So I definitely haven’t been being filmed from any side angles in this movie! Thank you to @seraphinematernity for this dress which worked its magic to help hide the baby belly from the front!’

The selfies were most likely taken on the set of Lacey’s the- upcoming Hallmark TV movie, in which she plays Sara. But that isn’t the only ruse Lacey has employed in order to conceal her growing stomach.

In another picture posted by her, Lacey was seen in a large reception area with several bags on her back and a bulky coat draped over her arm to cover her stomach. In the background, Lacey’s co-star, Canadian actor Paul Greene, can be seen striking a silly pose for the camera.

In addition, Lacey has yet to respond to questions about weight gain since the release of Haul Out the Holly in 2022. The rumors were sparked, however, because her face appeared extremely pumped and filled up. Her cheekbones appear lumpy and large. There was definitely weight gain on the face, but because it appeared to be due to fillers, we can’t tell if it was her entire body.

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