Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain Discussion on Twitter!

Lana Del Rey’s recent weight gain has sparked discussion, especially on Twitter. She has been trolled for her body fluctuation, and this is not the first time she has been gaining and losing weight since her early years. However, she has not revealed any body problems contributing to the weight gain.

A week after her performance at Glastonbury, Lana Del Rey began a brief European tour this past weekend. On Sunday, she performed at the Parco Bussoladomani in Italy. She is a well-known singer-songwriter with a distinctive look and an alluring voice. She has amassed a sizable fan base over the years that values her music and unique style.

With her recent appearance, Lana Del Rey’s weight gain has created a discussion, especially on Twitter. Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms on the internet, and the discussion over her transformation has been so huge that no one could stop themselves from wondering about it. So let us get into detail about her weight gain.

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Check Out Lana Del Rey’s Recent Appearance After Weight Gain!

A week after her performance at Glastonbury, Lana Del Rey began a brief European tour this past weekend. However, some fans have noticed a change in her appearance, especially her weight gain, which has been a topic of discussion among her fans. Many of her fans have wondered about the cause of her transformation, especially Twitter users.

Lana Del Rey's recent appearance after weight gain in 2023. Lana Del Rey’s recent appearance after weight gain in 2023.
Source: Instagram

On Sunday, Lana Del Rey performed at the Parco Bussoladomani in Italy. She debuted “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” live during her concert, the title track from one of her two 2021 albums. The singer, who spoke highly of Beer’s music at a Billboard Women in Music event back in March, is just one of the prominent fans who have backed the 24-year-old musician throughout her career. But now fans have been discussing her weight gain, rather than her tour.

Lana Del Rey has gained notoriety for her body type, which she flaunts in her music videos while wearing corsets and scant attire; however, she keeps facing fluctuations in her weight. She uses this representation of herself to inspire young ladies who aspire to appear like her. But the singer hasn’t publicly discussed her weight gain in 2023 or any conceivable health issues, which is a vital first point to make.

On Twitter, Fans Have Been Body Shaming Lana Del Rey for Her Weight Gain!

Due to one particularly offensive post, the internet has become a popular topic of discussion regarding singer Lana Del Rey‘s weight gain. A tweet with the message “This is worse than 9/11” went viral, showing a “before” and “after” picture of her body. After receiving hundreds of millions of views, the tweet was eventually deleted, but the online discussion is still going strong. One of the user commented; Eww, Lana del Rey gained weight.

Lana Del Rey's before and after weight gain pictures have been discussed on Twitter. celebsindepth.comLana Del Rey’s before and after weight gain pictures have been discussed on Twitter.
Source: Reddit

Some of her supporters defended her online on Twitter, against trolls who ridiculed her for gaining weight. They observed that her weight gain was a welcome departure from her prior anorexic appearance, which frightened many of her fans owing to the health dangers associated with it. Lana Del Rey hasn’t publicly acknowledged that she had anorexia nervosa, but it has been suggested that she did. One user said;

Lana Del Rey does not owe us thinness.

While other;

Yeah, she’s finally happy. Being a woman in the public spotlight is torturous because, no matter what you do to stop it, if you become older or start to look less attractive to men, people will burn you at the stake.

It’s not necessary for someone to stay the same size just because they were that size at a given age. Weight fluctuates. The most important thing to remember is that all bodies, regardless of their shapes or sizes, are desirable.

Due to Weight Gain, Lana Del Rey’s Appearance Has Changed Over Time!

It’s not the first time Lana Del Rey has experienced weight gain; she keeps facing such body fluctuations. The singer has put on some pounds since her last set of images. Her physique has been impacted by the 2020 pandemic in this way.

The singer keeps quiet about her new physique, indicating that she is least concerned about this topic. Similar circumstances occurred with Lana Del Rey in 2018, and much worse, she was misdiagnosed as pregnant due to the size of her tummy. People believed that she simply overate the pasta while on vacation in Portofino, Italy, but the huge belly is only visible in a few of the pictures. Lana Del Rey became slim again following this occurrence.

Lana Del Rey's weight gain transformation from fit to fat. Lana Del Rey’s weight gain transformation from fit to fat.
Source: Reddit

The singer’s appearance today is drastically different from how it was in the past. This is a result of her gradual weight increase. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that weight gain, if untreated, might be hazardous to your health. She put on 70 pounds while she was recording her debut album, Born to Die, in 2011. She had gained another 20 pounds by the time she began work on her second album, Paradise, and was 120 pounds. Because her weight gain occurred over such a little period of time, it was particularly obvious. Sadly, she has recently been subjected to fatphobia and body shaming, especially after her recent tour, fans over twitter are talking about it

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