Lashana Lynch

There is a weird surge happening in the career of Lashana Lynch, the 27 November 1987 born actress in London England, who is going through the greatest phase of her relatively short career. The actress only started taking up acting as her full-time job in 2010 and less than a decade letter she is filming a Bond movie (No Time To Die), on the verge of becoming the first female Bond and also living a great life with her boyfriend.

Since a young age, the actress wanted to be in show business, and she joined ArtsEd school in London where she graduated with a BA in acting, but this was not the most difficult part of her struggle to become an actress. The real struggle was only about to begin, and she got her first taste of show business when she was hired to play the character of Belle Newman in the 2012 movie Fast Girls. From graduating in 2009 to getting her first notable part, there was a three-year period of auditions, rejections and learning phase which prepared for the next decade.

Lashana Lynch at an event wearin a maroon dress without her boyfriend.Lashana Lynch was hired to play the character of 007 in the upcoming James Bond movie.
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Following Fast Girls was the part of Shona Benson in the mini-series Silent Witness, and then steady parts in Powder Room, The 7.39, Atlantis, Death in Paradise and Crims helped keep her afloat. Soap was her next destination with the actress being hired to play the character of Leah Gattis in the daytime soap opera Doctors. Her other notable performance was in the Brotherhood, which led the actress to two steady TV jobs with Still Star-Crossed and Bulletproof. Both of the series were short-lived, but then this leads to the big job she was always looking for.

Opportunity of a Lifetime, Getting Cast as Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel

Brie Larson and Lashana Lynch at the Captain Marvel premiere.Brie Larson and Lashana Lynch at the premiere of Captain Marvel.
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While working in Bulletproof, the actress went on to audition for a part in the Captain Marvel movie. She was reading for the part of the best friend of Carol Danvers. The process was a hard one for the actress, she read the part, and she heard nothing back with the casting people probably looking to get the best possible person for the job and giving everyone a fair opportunity.

Then came the day when she received the call, and she told BET about the amazing moment when she received the call. “I’m in a restaurant with my two friends, we’re chilling, having some food and then my manager calls me at like 9 p.m.,” she goes back to the moment and explains. “That’s not normal, but I don’t think anything of it. My friends straight away are like, ‘That’s the call!’ and they start filming me.”

Maria Rambeau on the poster of Captain Marvel.Maria Rambeau on the poster of Captain Marvel.
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“But I’m like, ‘I’m sure she’s just calling to see how I am.’ Even though it’s 9 p.m.,” she continues. “Then she said, ‘Yeah, congratulations!’ and I just dropped on the ground. My two friends are going crazy. They were like, ‘Your life has literally just changed.’”

It was late in the night in London, and it was early in the morning in Jamaica, but the one person she really wanted to share this moment with was her mother, and her mother was in Jamaica in a low signal area, so this caused the signal to cut in and out of the conversation. But she understood the joy in her daughter’s voice and was happy, she prayed for so long for Lashana to get the part when it finally happened, it was a happy moment for both.

Lashana with her mom in the street.Lashan and her mom on the street together.
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Lashana played the character of Maria Rambeau in the movie, and she is the mother of Azai Akbar’s character Monica Rambeau and also the best friend of Carol Danvers. The film was an immense success and then came another call of a lifetime.

Becoming the First Female (also Black) 007 in the Upcoming ‘No Time To Die’

Lashana Lynch on the poster of Bond 25.Lashana Lynch was hired to play the character of 007 in the upcoming Bond movie.
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It is a dream of almost every British actor to play the iconic character of James Bond, and you know how many people over the years were able to take the role of 007 in a James Bond movie — six (seven if you count the one dead character whose face we ever saw). Six actors in almost 60 years to play the character of 007 and then, Lashana was cast in the part.

Just take this in for a second, a female, a black person, will next be seen on the screen of a James Bond movie and she will be referred to as 007. In the film No Time To Die, the character, Daniel Craig’s James Bond is retired and trying to find some peace for himself in a little corner of the world.

Watch: The promotional teaser trailer of No Time To Die, the 25th Bond movie

MI6 is also moved on they’ve got a new 007, and she is the agent Nomi, but when a new villain rears its head into the world and looks to damage the whole fabric of the fragile society, Felix Leiter goes in search of Bond to bring him back. The former and the new 007 combine forces to battle an enemy they never encountered before while Bond’s arch-nemesis, Blofeld, is also plotting behind the scene.

This is going to be an amazing movie, and it will also be a special event because, for the first time, the white men dominated franchise will allow a black person and a woman to don the moniker of 007. No Time To Die releases in theatres on 8 April 2020.

Lashana’s Relationship with Boyfriend Damola Adelaja, Are They Married?

Lashana Lynch with her boyfriend Damola Adelaja in a restaurant.Lasha and her boyfriend Damola Adelaja share a beautiful bond with each other.
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Damola Adelaja is also an actor who appeared in a controversial 2006 movie Rag Tag about two childhood friends falling in love with each other. Why controversial you ask? Well, the leading characters were men, and they were gay. Both the actors in the movie were straight men and Damola Adelaja played one of the characters.

Damola’s appearance in the movie resulted in the actor supporting the LGBTQ movement to this day, and maybe the activism and social justice side of Damola was the thing which attracted Lashana, who’s been in a relationship with the actor for a long time.

Lashana with her boyfriend in her home before going out int he night.Lashan and her boyfriend enjoy a close bond but they are not married yet.
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Going by their photos, the couple’s been together for a long time, and we do not see any ring on both of their fingers, so we are saying they are not married. Though just by looking at them, it won’t be long before the two decide to tie the knot and become husband and wife.

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