Laverne Cox’s Partner: In a Relationship With Her New Boyfriend After Breaking up With Kyle Draper!

Laverne Cox is dating her new partner in 2022, however, she has yet to reveal who her boyfriend is. Laverne revealed that the couple confessed their love to each other during the covid-19 pandemic. She was previously in a relationship with Kyle Draper. Follow the article to know more about Laverne Cox’s mysterious partner.

Laverne Cox (born on May 29, 1972) is an American actress, producer, and LGBT activist who rose to prominence with her role as Sophia Burset on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, from which she became the first transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in an acting category.

Laverne became the first transgender woman to win a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Special as executive producer for Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word in 2015. As Cameron Wirth on CBS‘s Doubt in 2017, she became the first transgender person to play a transgender series regular on American broadcast television.

Cox co-produced and co-hosted the VH1 makeover television series TRANSform Me and was a contestant on the first season of VH1‘s reality show I Want to Work for Diddy. Cox received the Stephen F. Kolzak Award from GLAAD in April 2014 for her work as a transgender rights advocate.

Cox is also the first transgender person to grace the cover of a Cosmopolitan magazine, with her cover for the South African edition in February 2018. She is also the first openly transgender person to have a wax figure of herself at Madame Tussauds, a wax museum in London.

Laverne Cox’s fans’ hearts flutter just looking at all of these accomplishments. Aside from her career, viewers are also interested in learning more about Cox’s partner. Fans wonder if she is dating anybody at the moment. Well, let’s find it out.

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Laverne Cox’s Partner: The Emmy Award Winner Trans Actress Is Dating a New Boyfriend in 2022!

When it comes to the exes of American actress Laverne Cox (@lavernecox), only a few names have surfaced on the internet. Some speculate that her partner is hesitant to reveal their relationship because she is trans, while others speculate that Laverne simply prefers to keep her relationship private. We don’t know what’s true because they’re just mere speculation.

Kyle Draper is the only name of her ex-boyfriend that has surfaced on the internet, who is the CEO of Mateo Sound. However, Laverne Cox’s ex-boyfriend Kyle broke up with her in 2019, leaving her heartbroken. They reportedly dated for about two years and the breakup is said to be mutual. Cox admitted after her breakup that she still believed in love and that her desire to fall in love was stronger than ever.

The 49-year-old actress recently made a virtual appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she discussed falling in love for the first time. According to Lavern she never expected to find true love during the Covid-19 pandemic but it just happened on its own. Laverne Cox has chosen not to reveal the identity of the person she is dating, claiming that she respects their privacy, but she has shared photos of the two of them together. Laverne wrote,

“He’s a really great guy. I didn’t expect it. I thought he was just going to be this hot dude I was going to be hanging out with, and then it just kind of happened.”

According to the actress, they took their relationship slowly and it took about 6 months for them to start confessing each other’s feelings and finally tell each other, “I love you”. Like they say slow and steady wins the race.

Laverne Cox, like her previous two ex-boyfriends, stated that they had never dated a trans woman before and that trans women’s womanhood is generally overlooked. According to Cox, trans women have a harder time finding true love because many people still don’t see them as real women.

Some even refer to the sensation of being attracted to a trans woman as gay. This could also explain why all of her ex-boyfriends wanted to keep their relationship a secret.

Laverne Cox has become a role model for younger trans people simply because of this, and she reassures people that finding true love as a trans woman is possible. True love does not come our way simply because we desire it; it is dependent on God’s timing for you.

Laverne Cox also met her true love during the Covid-19 outbreak, which was a very interesting time. She was getting a lot of positive feedback on the couple’s photo, with people remarking on how beautiful and inspiring they are at the same time.

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