Leila Penn’s Plastic Surgery: What Procedures Went Wrong on Her by Dr. Zachary?

Leila Penn’s exact plastic surgery procedure is unknown, as we don’t have any pictures of her. She had given bad reviews about how Dr. Zachary Okhah had mutilated her during her plastic surgery, prompting Okhah to sue Penn for $30,000. Which means she did get some cosmetic procedures for her transformation.

Many of Zachary Okhah‘s former patients have been sued by the cosmetic surgeon for saying that he botched their procedures in online evaluations. One such patient was Leila Penn. And now, viewers are going crazy over the internet regarding her plastic surgery procedures. So what procedures had she undergone? and what went wrong during the procedures. Let us get into detail.

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Leila Penn Claimed That Dr. Zachary Mutilated Her Plastic Surgery!

Leila Penn is one of the patients of Dr. Zachary Okhah (@therealdrzach), who underwent plastic surgery. She has made a statement about his performance. After her speech against the doctor, she has been the highlight of the internet. So did any of her plastic surgery went wrong? Did she have cosmetic surgery? Many admirers wonder about that. Let us find out.

Leila Penn was sued by Dr. Zach of PH-1 Miami in July 2021 for more than $30,000 after she claimed in a RealSelf review that he had mutilated her. Oh had gone to Okhah for a “mommy makeover” only days before her sad death. Okhah alleged in court filings acquired by Page Six exclusively that Penn’s words were false and defamatory. He further accused her of urging potential customers to seek care elsewhere “by directly engaging with” the commentators on the review website.

Leila Penn claimed that Dr. Zachary mutilated her during her plastic surgery. celebsindepth.comLeila Penn claimed that Dr. Zachary mutilated her during her plastic surgery.
Source: Page Six

Wild ‘N Out singer Jacky Oh‘s surgeon, Dr. Zachary Okhah, is being harassed by netizens on social media following her passing. Oh was 32 years old at the time of her death, a Twitter profile with the account (@TheCosmeticLane) reported that she underwent a “Mommy Makeover” treatment owing to which she had a heart attack.

More shocking revelations are coming out about the plastic surgeon dubbed Dr. Zachary ‘Dr. Zach’ Okhah, who was supposedly executing a “mommy makeover” on former MTV’s Wild ‘N’ Out star Jacky Oh around the time that she’s thought to have passed away. But there are a lot of eyes on plastic surgeon Dr. Zach, as her supporters think the procedure went awry.

Largely because the Instagram post from her talking about the “mommy makeover” was deleted before the news of her death surfaced. Dr. Zachary Okhah was alleged to be the one who conducted the procedure. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who focuses on surgical face rejuvenation treatments and breast and body contouring surgeries. Before she passed away, she shared a photo on Instagram with Okhah in which she was wearing a temporary hospital gown and promised to provide more details about her procedure on her YouTube channel.

According to his Instagram bio, he founded and is the owner of the plastic surgery clinic PH-1 Miami. According to their website, he has devised the greatest body sculpting procedure that can optimize natural aesthetic effects. Meanwhile, he has also sued the bulk of his patients for saying various things about him on social media sites. One of them to accuse him of doing plastic procedures wrong was Leila Penn. So what procedure went wrong?

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Did Leila Penn Have?

Leila Penn claimed in a RealSelf review that Dr. Zachary Okhah had mutilated her during her plastic surgery, prompting Okhah to sue Penn for $30,000. This means she had undergone some plastic surgery procedures. Which procedures went wrong for her so that she had to write such a review about the doctor? Let us find out.

Well, the exact plastic surgery procedures for Leila Penn have not been revealed. But here we will provide some theories that she might have had. Plastic surgeon Dr. Zachary specializes in all surgical methods for facial rejuvenation as well as breast and body contouring. He obtained top-notch training in a variety of cosmetic operations from Drs. Richard Zienowicz and Patrick Sullivan, are two of the most renowned and successful plastic surgeons in New England.

Leila Penn's exact plastic surgery procedure is unknown. celebsindepth.comLeila Penn’s exact plastic surgery procedure is unknown.
Source: Instagram

As Leila Penn was the patient of Dr. Zachary Iyore Okhah, she might have had breast surgery, facial rejuvenation, body contouring, or any other thing because he is an expert and specialist in such fields. Facelifts are only one aspect of facial rejuvenation; when performed properly, facial rejuvenation places a strong emphasis on facial harmony. Facelifts are frequently combined with eyelid surgery, and filler to restore the eyes, the natural jawline, and cheek fullness to preserve facial symmetry.

Well, these are only our theories. We don’t have any detailed proof of the plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures Leila Penn underwent. Also, we can’t find her pictures, which could show the differences between her before and after pictures.