Liz Kershaw's 40 Lbs Weight Loss: What's Her Diet Plan?

May 16, 2023 @ 16:54 GMT-0500
Liz Kershaw's 40 Lbs Weight Loss: What's Her Diet Plan?

Renowned UK radio broadcaster Liz Kershaw achieved a jaw-dropping weight loss of three stone (40 lbs/19 kgs) without dieting or the gym, inspiring others with her story of self-transformation.

Liz Kershaw's weight loss story has caused quite a stir among the public. The renowned English radio broadcaster revealed that she managed to shed three stone (around 40 lbs/19 kgs) without resorting to diets or hitting the gym.

It was truly astonishing to witness her incredible body transformation. Showing off her perfect figure, Kershaw firmly believes that anyone can achieve similar results with the right motivation. So, what is the secret to Liz Kershaw's impressive weight loss transformation? Let's uncover the truth.

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Liz Kershaw's Incredible 40 Lbs Weight Loss Transformation

Liz Kershaw has undergone a remarkable weight loss of 3 stones.Liz Kershaw has undergone a remarkable weight loss of 3 stones.
Image Source: The Telegraph

Liz Kershaw (@liz.kershaw1), a prominent media personality, successfully underwent a weight loss of three stones, capturing the attention of many. Let's take a closer look at her weight loss journey.

In May 2018, Liz went swimming with a friend. In a recent interview, she shared that she had to wear a one-piece swimsuit she bought for her birthday because her old swimsuit no longer fit. During their swimming excursion, her friend snapped a photo and handed Liz her phone. When she took a glance at the image, something occured inside her that stirred a determination for change.

"No more bikinis due to my expanding belly, so I squeezed myself into a tight Lycra one-piece," she expressed.

Liz Kershaw went on to describe how her thunder thighs, chubby cheeks, flabby arms, and the beginning of a double chin were all exposed under the bright French sunshine.

The broadcaster came to realize that she had unintentionally harmed her body with food. She did not shy away from taking accountability. The more she aged, her body demanded fewer calories. However, the diet remained the same.

Ever since her age surpassed half a century, Liz's weight had been slowly rising, but she had not taken much notice. When 2018 came around, she ignited the fire for change. By July 30, 2018, Liz had already shed 18 lbs. By August 2019, she had gradually lost 35 lbs. And by January 2020, the radio broadcaster had achieved a three-stone weight loss.

What is Liz Kershaw's Diet Plan and Workout Routine?

During her weight loss journey, Liz Kershaw underwent a change in her attitude toward food. She started viewing food as fuel.

"I wouldn't put anything oily in my car's tank, ruining it. If it's already full, I wouldn't bother refilling it. I wouldn't carry extra fuel cans in my car's boot, rear seat, or roof. So why would I do it to my body if I want to keep it running smoothly?" said the BBC official.

Liz Kershaw emphasized that her love for eating and cooking didn't make her a joyless food evangelist. She consciously avoids consuming food that doesn't benefit her body and mind. Her diet now includes a low-carb approach with ample protein such as chicken, steak, salmon, lamb, cod, prawns, eggs, cheese, and a variety of vegetables like spinach, broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

When it comes to her workout routine, Liz enjoys swimming and takes long, brisk walks. However, she avoids running as it can be harsh on the joints. "People often ask me which book I followed or which diet plan I purchased. But I devised my own approach based on what we learned about food types and nutrition in biology classes at school," stated Kershaw.

And if you're concerned that following the aforementioned diet might be expensive, you're mistaken. Liz, a native of Lancashire, advises checking the receipt while grocery shopping, as real food, isn't taxed. She highlights the fact that the Treasury recognizes our need for nutritious food and doesn't impose taxes on it.

At 64 years old, Liz Kershaw confidently affirms, "I did it. You can, too." Her words carry a powerful message of empowerment, encouraging others to embark on their own weight loss journeys and make positive changes in their lives.

Liz Kershaw's incredible weight loss story serves as a reminder that transformation is possible without extreme measures. By adopting a mindful approach to food and incorporating regular physical activity into her routine, she achieved remarkable results.

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