What’s the Problem in Lockwood and Co.? Reddit Users Wonder the Cause Behind It!

Jan 30, 2023 @ 8:38 GMT-0500
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What’s the Problem in Lockwood and Co.? Reddit Users Wonder the Cause Behind It!

The problem is the phenomenon of spirits manifesting themselves in Lockwood and Co. throughout England. Reddit users continue to speculate on the problem's origins, but the broader public is still unaware of the specific source of the occurrence.

The spooky thriller Lockwood & Co. on Netflix takes place in a world where ghosts are prevalent. In this region, hauntings are not like the ones youngsters hear about in bedtime stories. In this universe, two young men casts, named Lockwood and George work on Lucy Carlyle's ghost-hunting team. They don't hesitate to accept cases that test their abilities, as well as their ability and training, to establish a name for their newly formed business. There is still plenty to learn about ghosts, but the show doesn't truly explain what led to all of this.

Lockwood and Co., Netflix's most recent attempt at YA programming, is based on the Jonathan Stroud novel series. Briefly stated the supernatural fantasy centers on their agency's struggle against various spirits in the wake of a bizarre occurrence known as The Problem, which inexplicably introduced ghosts into our reality. And now Reddit wonders about the cause of the problem. So let's investigate the real problem and its cause.

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The Problem of Lockwood and Company Is the Phenomenon of Spirits Manifesting Themselves!

The phenomenon of ghosts appearing in Lockwood and Co. throughout England is referred to as the problem. Reddit users continue to speculate on the problem's origins, but the broader public is still unaware of the specific source of the occurrence. Everyone is aware of the current state of affairs, but they are uninformed of the initial events that gave rise to them. They just know that there weren't any ghosts fifty years ago.

At the very least, it wasn't well known. Even if ghosts existed, they kept to themselves and rarely interacted with humans, leading many to doubt their very existence. But after that, something changed. Nobody knows what caused it or how dangerous ghosts appeared all of a sudden. You might be killed by a ghost with just one touch. If not, a person has the option of going into a coma for the rest of their life, becoming ghost-locked, and being declared brain dead.

Because no one knew how to halt or fight the spirits, many individuals perished as a result of their sudden appearance. The world had undergone a dramatic upheaval before anything could be understood, with millions of people dead and the economy in ruins. Because of this, a new world order had to be established, and that is when ghost hunters first arrived. While adults couldn't see ghosts, it was discovered that some kids were gifted with the ability to sense them.

These kids either possessed the gift of sight or touch or were good listeners. Marisa Fittes and Tom Rotwell created field history when they were the first to drive a spirit away by identifying its origin. They developed innovative methods for ghost hunting and gave the world a much-needed manual for confronting spirits. They also helped to categorize ghosts into Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 categories.

Marisa Fittes is the only person known to have ever seen a Type 3 ghost because they are so rare. That is, before Lucy Carlyle. People are still speculating on how the problem began fifty years later. One of Lucy's friends thought it was strange, to put it mildly, that Fittes and Rotwell had come up with a solution at a time when no one else understood what was going on when Lucy was in training.

He makes the implication that they contributed to the emergence of the issue. The fact that Lockwood and company eventually learn John Fairfax's sinister truth provides additional, albeit weak, evidence in favor of this claim. Despite having a variety of interests, John Fairfax found the most financial success with Fairfax Iron. He made chains that are intended to defend against ghosts. Because of the nature of his firm, he was able to make a lot of money at a time when everything was going to hell.

Fittes, Rotwell, Fairfax, and several other people who profited suspiciously after the issue may all be connected. We also discover that there was The Skull, a Type 3 spirit, who had previously resided at Fittes and Rotwell until George kidnapped him. The skull has a direct connection to the occultist Edmund Bickerstaff, who used the bone glass to create a portal to another planet. Even creating sources for visitors was something he tried to do. It's likely that Fittes and Rotwell contributed to the spread of this evil either knowingly or unknowingly after they started reading his writings.

There are numerous tools and strategies people might use in their defense because the existence of ghosts in the Lockwood & Co. universe has become so commonplace. These include the psychic talents that teenage ghost hunters possess, such as sight, touch, and hearing.

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