Lola Tung’s Boyfriend in 2023: Is She Married? Relationship With Gavin Casalegno and Sean Kaufman!

As evidenced by Lola Tung’s social medial status, she doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend in 2023. She even doesn’t want to get married any soon. However, the Summer I Turned Pretty star has a good relationship with her co-cast including Gavin Casalegno and Sean Kaufman.

Actress Lola Tung earned a notable career breakthrough at the age of 19 when she starred in Jenny Han‘s bestselling book-turned-television series The Summer I Turned Pretty and demonstrated her acting talent by portraying Isabel “Belly” Conkin, an adolescent years younger than herself.  Furthermore, the story follows Belly as she grows up and confronts the romantic sentiments she harbored for her mother’s best friend’s son and childhood pal, Conrad.

Since the release of the show’s season 2, many fans and followers have wondered who Lola Tung’s boyfriend is in real life, but she rarely speaks about that topic. Well, here is what we have discovered about her love life!

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Lola Tung Doesn’t Seem to Have a Boyfriend in 2023!

Recently, Lola Tung‘s (@lola.tung) personal details including her current relationship status have been in a debate of speech all over the internet. Unfortunately, no information about The Summer I Turned Pretty cast having a boyfriend or dating anyone has yet been available. It appears the actress is single in 2023.

Lola Tung doesn't have a boyfriend in 2023. celebsindepth.comLola Tung doesn’t have a boyfriend in 2023.
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Although she did previously confess that Corbin Bleu and Zac Efron, the lead in Disney’s High School Musical, were her first celebrity crush, she has not been seen with any individuals. But since appearing in The Summer I Turned Pretty, the actress has mainly talked about her work and how she relates to her character in interviews. She stated:

[Belly’s] a very loving person. She’s got a lot of love in her heart, but she does make a lot of mistakes, and I think it’s so important to learn from those.

Since everyone learns from mistakes as they mature, Lola Tung also gained the ability to be lenient with herself as a result of her position. Like her character, she let go of the past and lived in the present, for better or worse. The actress also has Belly’s personality traits in that she is determined and stubborn while growing up. She was grateful for the small age gap between herself and her character, which allowed her to bring a little of herself to the screen through her character.

Rather than falling in love, Tung’s education was her top priority. She still believes in education, but she took a year off to film the show. She completed her first year at Carnegie Mellon to follow her aspirations, with the help of her teachers and friends.

Apart from her studies and work, Lola Tung enjoys spending time alone and with friends. When she’s not working, she usually cooks or spends out with pals, which she occasionally chronicles on her Instagram account. On the other hand, her ideal Saturday night would be spending time with her dog of several years while watching a movie and then going to bed earlier than normal.

Lola Tung’s Relationship With Her Cast Members, Including Gavin Casalegno and Sean Kaufman!

Lola Tung has never mentioned anything about her lover and when she is gonna get married in any of the interviews. However, the self-proclaimed feminist has spoken out about her relationship with her The Summer I Turned Pretty co-stars. It appears she had fantastic on-screen chemistry with Gavin Casalegno (Jeremiah) and Christopher Briney (Conrad).

Lola Tung has a good relationship with her co-stars. celebsindepth.comLola Tung has a good relationship with her co-stars.
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According to the actress, they felt like a family behind the scenes and they admired each other’s talents in front of the camera. It was much easier for them to film together and develop a terrific television series because of their off-screen relationship. She explained:

I think we all instantly clicked, and it made filming so much more fun, easy, and special because I think there is so much real love that we had for each other.

Similarly, Lola Tung described her interactions with Jeremiah and Conrad as one-of-a-kind, with each youngster given a chance to flourish. However, her favorite relationship was with her on-screen mother, played by Jackie Chung, because the role reminds her much of her real-life mother as well as Sean Kaufman, who plays the role of her brother Steven.

Furthermore, the show was unquestionably a watershed moment in her life, which she prepared for by journaling, script analysis, and drawing on personal experiences.