Why Did Tissaia Kill Herself? Reddit Update on Her Eyes Bleeding and Hair Turning White?

Tissaia from Netflix’s ‘The Witcher‘ killed herself because she was unable to forgive herself for failing to recognize Vilgefortz’s true nature sooner. As per Reddit users, her hair and skin turned white because she used Alzur’s Thunder, which sapped a lot of her chaos after utilizing such a potent treatment for such a long time. Her eyes bleed after staring into Ciri’s soul, as she too, may not be strong enough to mold Ciri’s powers.

Netflix‘s ‘The Witcher‘ is set in a fantasy world where monsters and magic exist and have an impact on life on the continent. Geralt of Rivia is the protagonist of the story and is fated to be linked to Cirilla of Cintra and Yennefer of Vengerberg. Their narrative takes several turns as they are brought together and ripped apart while fighting their never-ending adversaries. The coup features plenty of combat, death, and bloodshed, as one could anticipate from such a critical occasion.

They must make many sacrifices and lose many people along the way, including Tissaia de Vries. Many individuals died in Season 3 of The Witcher, but her suicide shocked us the most. She commits suicide by cutting her wrists, in Season 3, Episode 8 of the Netflix series. So, why did she kill herself?

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The Witcher’s Tissaia Killed Herself as She Couldn’t Forgive Herself for Failing to Realize Vilgefortz’s True Nature!

It has been revealed that Tissaia killed herself, but let us know the story behind the story that led her to do so. Tissaia had only ever desired and strived for peace on the Continent. She is also said to have been blinded by love. Despite Yennefer‘s several acts of rebellion against the Brotherhood, she continued to love and support her as if she were a daughter. She displayed the same ignorance towards Vilgefortz, which proved to be her undoing.

When Phillipa and Djisktra declare war on Aretuza, they round up all the wizards they consider a threat, particularly Vilgefortz, whom they suspect of plotting with Nilfgaard. They try to explain to Tissaia why they need to get rid of Vilgefortz, but she is blinded by love and wrath. What Vilgefortz desired has now occurred. He’s been caught, so there’s no purpose in continuing the pretense. He admits to her that he has been using her all along and that he no longer requires her.

Tissaia committed suicide because she was unable to recognize Vilgefortz's true nature. celebsindepth.comTissaia committed suicide because she was unable to recognize Vilgefortz’s true nature.
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He allows the elves to enter Aretuza, ensuring that the place is permanently destroyed. Tissaia is taken aback, but the worst is yet to come. She feels bad for liberating Vilgefortz now that her house has been destroyed and the majority of the magicians have died. It also emerges that Nilfgaard’s plot to assault the North and take over the Continent included the destruction of the Brotherhood.

So, by releasing Vilgefortz, Tissaia allowed everything to fall apart, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives. Later, with Yennefer and the others, she visits Vilgefortz’s secret lab in Redania and discovers that Vilgefortz was the one kidnapping females and doing horrifying experiments on them. The fact that he was doing it all under her nose and she had no idea is a major blow to her.

She feels bad about the girls and the Continent’s violence. She kills herself because she is unable to forgive herself for failing to recognize Vilgefortz’s true nature sooner. So she cuts her wrists, killing herself, and she did even write a letter to Yennefer describing her acts.

Why Did Tissaia’s Eyes Bleed and Her Hair Turn White? Reddit Update!

Although Tissaia killed herself, Reddit users are still wondering about her hair turning white and her bleeding eyes. As seen in The Witcher season 3, episode 6’s battle, the Alzur‘s Thunder does not distinguish between friend and foe; Tissaia risked killing whoever was in her path in order to destroy as many foes as possible. Alzur’s Thunder is named after Alzur, the spell’s creator, whose story is primarily based on the games.

The Witcher, a Netflix original series, featured the premise that Alzur was behind several powerful spells known within the Brotherhood, with Tissaia casting Alzur’s Thunder to kill scores of elves and effectively end the conflict. Of course, using such a potent battle spell has a cost.

As per Reddit, Tissaia's eyes bled as she wasn't strong enough to mold Ciri's powers. celebsindepth.comAs per Reddit, Tissaia’s eyes bled as she wasn’t strong enough to mold Ciri’s powers.
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Using Alzur’s Thunder sapped a lot of Tissaia’s chaos, which is what gives a mage their power in The Witcher’s realm. This is why her skin became white after utilizing such a potent treatment for such a long time. Alzur’s Thunder is certainly a last-resource combat spell, as evidenced by Yennefer’s fear when she saw thunderbolts form over Aretuza. Tissaia’s attack not only demonstrated how severe the conflict was, but it also demonstrated her rage at those attacking her home.

Tissaia’s eyes bleed after staring into Ciri’s soul, which seems to indicate that she, too, may not be strong enough to mold Ciri’s powers. While Yennefer clearly finds solace in her presence, she feels the same way. Yennefer is more to her than a former pupil or a lesser mage.