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Joey Batey | Jaskier, The Witcher, Band, Career, Dandelion, Early Life, Theater

Joey Batey

Joey Batey is a British actor who’s appeared in close to 15 different movies and TV shows, but he is also an accomplished theatre actor,

MyAnna Buring | The Witcher, Tissaia de Vries, Child, Family, Career, Relationship

MyAnna Buring

The film industry is a part of MyAnna Buring for almost 16 years, ever since the actress turned 24, she was into the TV and

Anya Chalotra | Yennefer, The Witcher, Family, Career, Early Life, Theatre, Instagram

Anya Chalotra

Every year there is someone out there in the movie and TV world who’s hiring is not only disputed but causes a mass uproar. It

Freya Allan | The Witcher, Ciri, Netflix, Parents, Family, Career, Early Life

Freya Allan

Before 2018, no one in particular, knew the teen actress Freya Allan, someone who’s played only a handful of characters in movies and TV shows

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