Anya Chalotra’s Eye Color in Real Life: Is It Purple?

Many people seem to be confused with Anya Chalotra’s real eye color. The Witcher star has purple or violet eyes in the show, whereas in real life she has hazel eyes. She claimed to have had a very awful experience while wearing contact lenses for the series, but her determination doesn’t seem to stop her from her work.

Anya Chalotra, The Witcher star, has recently been in the news after she recalled anxiety over nude scenes. She is a British actress who gained fame after appearing in the Netflix original series The Witcher. She played a powerful sorceress, Yennefer of Vengerberg, in the show. Many people love her character, but it seems like she has tried her best to fit into the role.

During an interview with the Telegraph, Anya opened up about being nude onscreen and admitted it can be nerve-wracking. She revealed that she didn’t think about it while filming, but then when she suddenly stopped and got distracted by her character’s storyline, all these little things she didn’t worry about at the moment came to her at the end. She also claimed that when people asked her more about those scenes, her anxiety would start.

After the statement, people started asking questions about her life. What is her ethnicity? What is the color of her eye? This kind of question has been asked to Anya Chalotra. To know more about her background and personal life, read this article.

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Anya Chalotra’s Eye Color Isn’t Purple, but It Is Hazel in Real Life!

Anya Chalotra (@anyachalotra) has a hazel eye in real life. Many people seem to confuse her with the witcher character’s eye, which is purple, but it’s just for the series. She has admitted to having difficulties using them because they hinder her vision with her eyes.

Anya Chalotra's real eye color is light brown, and not purple. celebsindepth.comAnya Chalotra’s real eye color is light brown, and not purple.
Source: Instagram

Many people might be confused about Anya’s real-life eye color. Although in the series she is known for her violet or purple eye, she has a completely different eye in real life, which is light brown. Her real-life eye color can also be called hazel eyes, which are most common in West Asia, America, and Europe.

Many people who have been huge fans of The Witcher are confused with Anya’s role as Yennefer in the show, because of her eye color. The topic has been so big that people started asking about it all over the media, and people seem to be disappointed by the show. Some wonder what exactly the show is trying to experiment with with her eye color.

What Is Anya Chalotra’s Eye Color in The Witcher?

Fans seem to be a little bit confused. Anya Chalotra who portrayed Yennefer, who should have purple eyes according to the fantasy novel The Witcher but in the series, she was seen with different eye colors in different episodes. During the show, we can see that she had different colors in different episodes. Sometimes her eye color changes to blue, and in the 7th episode of season 2, it’s even green at some points.

Anya Chalotra had difficulties with her eyes when using contacts in The Witcher. celebsindepth.comAnya Chalotra had difficulties with her eyes when using contacts in The Witcher.
Source: Vogue

Those who haven’t read the novel seem confused about the storyline of Yennefer. According to the people who have read the novel, the production did a lousy job. They realized why reading books is a thousand times better than watching the series. Well, we can assume that the series production might have tried to adopt some unique twist, which seems to have failed drastically.

Anya has admitted to having difficulties with her eyes when using contacts. She called the experience awful and found it challenging to use them because they hindered her vision. She also explained how difficult her first season was when Yennefer went through a harrowing journey, requiring Chalotra to express Yennefer’s emotions through her eyes. Although she didn’t have to cry, with the lenses, it was difficult to show the pain and suffering that Yennefer goes through.

What Is Anya Chalotra’s Ethnicity?

Anya Chalotra‘s eye color aside, there is one more question she is often asked. That is her ethnicity. People seem to be confused by her face, and some claim that she looks more Asian than British. Well, it’s because her father is an Indian, and she even has an Indian last name.

Chalotra, who was born in Wolverhampton, England, grew up in the village of Lower Penn, in South Staffordshire. Her father is from India, and her mother is from England. She grew up with her parents and two siblings: an elder sister, Reeya, and a younger brother, Arun. Although she is half-Indian, she has only visited her hometown once and it is said that she doesn’t know how to speak Hindi.

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