Love Is Blind Season 6 Casts’ Zodiac Signs; Reddit Update

Feb 16, 2024 @ 4:37 GMT-0500
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Love Is Blind Season 6 Casts’ Zodiac Signs; Reddit Update - Love is Blind season 6 cast zodiac signs include Brittany, Clay, Laura, and Kenneth are Virgo. Jimmy and Jeramy are Scorpios; Amy C is Leo; Johnny is Sagittarius; Chelsea is Libra; Danette Aries; Alejandra is Taurus; and Jessica Capricorn. Reddit users have considered some of the cast compatible, looking at their zodiac signs.

To the joy of fans of Netflix's Love is Blind, season 6 of the series proved to be just as fascinating as the one that came before it. Love is Blind has done wonders for hopeless romantics throughout the world by demonstrating that fairytale relationships actually exist. From compelling narratives to interesting drama, there are numerous reasons why this specific version of the reality program has grown popular with viewers. Of course, there are some utterly terrible connections.

Although many reality shows vaguely resemble this genre, 'Love is Blind' is an exceptionally refreshing outlier since every single bond it investigates is authentic at its core. And compatibility is really an important means to determine their love, and if you know your zodiac signs, you will your compatibility and who is your best partner.

A Look at Details on Love Is Blind Season 6 Cats’ Zodiac Signs

If you believe in astrology, you must be well aware that zodiac signs affect your love life. So now, if you are in a reality dating show, it is important to know your partner's zodiac sign. And now fans have shown interest in learning about Netflix's 'Love is Blind' season 6 cast members zodiac signs. Here are the details:

Love is Blind season 6 cast zodiac signs mostly include Virgo. celebsindepth.comLove is Blind season 6 cast zodiac signs mostly include Virgo.
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AD (Amber Desiree)

According to Instagram, AD (Amber Desiree) (@amberdesiree) celebrated her birthday in early November, making her a Scorpio. The 33-year-old real estate agent previously worked as a New England Patriots cheerleader and continues to cherish her regular workouts. AD identifies herself as a mental health advocate on Instagram, and she wants a partner who values respect, integrity, and friendship.


According to his Instagram, Clay, who was born in early September, is a Virgo. Clay, an entrepreneur and business owner, is looking for his ideal partner. Relationships are a roller coaster, and he needs somebody who's going to stay with him through the test of time.


Chelsea's birthdate is in mid-October, making her a Libra. Chelsea, a flight attendant and event planner, has joined Love Is Blind to meet her forever person, travel buddy, best friend, and husband.


Jimmy is a Scorpio. He joined Love Is Blind to truly get to know someone and make a connection.

Amy C

According to her Instagram, Amy turned 28 on August 6, making her a Leo. Amy C, the PR director, knows exactly what she's looking for: someone who is not only her best friend but also inspires me to be better every day. The 34-year-old refers to food as her love language.


Johnny's birthdate is December 11. He is a Sagittarius. According to Tudum, after exhausting dating apps, blind dates, and grocery store pickups, Johnny decided to try Love Is Blind. Now he's seeking a life companion to accompany him snowboarding or learning to fly planes.


Brittany's zodiac sign is Virgo. In Love is Blind, season 6, she is looking for someone who is strong and can give her peace as a partner.


Kenneth's zodiac sign is Virgo. He wants to see someone and say, 'I love you for you, and you love me for me,'" He's looking for a partner who feels the same way.


Laura is a Virgo. She said that to find the perfect partner, she needs to stop placing individuals in boxes and thinking that she knows everything about them based on how they look.


Jeramy's zodiac sign is Scorpio. Jeramey works in intralogistics and is looking for a partner who enjoys working out and being outside. As revealed on Love is Blind season 6, a deal-breaker for him in a relationship is someone who's just not genuine.

Danette: Aries

Alejandra: Taurus

Jessica: Capricorn

Love is Blind season 6 cast members. celebsindepth.comLove is Blind season 6 cast members.
Source: Reddit

Other cast members zodiac signs, including Ben Dion and Matthew, are unknown at the moment.

Reddit Users Compatible Couple From Love Is Blind Season Based on Zodiac Signs

Several Reddit users have made their thoughts on Love Is Blind season 6 cast's zodiac sign. Reddit users think Amy and Johnny make a lot of sense. Super-suitable fire signs. Amy is a Leo, a sign famed for its outgoingness, passion, and loyalty, and Johnny is a Sagittarius, and they are a power couple.

Some Reddit users are even sad that no one with the zodiac sign cancer is present on the show. One user said that if AD and Clay are a Virgo and Scorpio pair, they should be fine. Furthermore, the user added;

I know at least three couples, including my parents, who have been together forever.

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