Lucie Blackman’s Wikipedia: Family, Friend, Parents, Father & Netflix Update!

With the release of Missing: The Lucie Blackman Case on Netflix, people have been seeking complete Wikipedia of the 21-year-old. Well, here’s all you to know about her, including her family, friend, parents, and father. 

Missing: The Lucie Blackman Case is a new Netflix documentary about the disappearance of a British woman in Japan and the investigation that led to the discovery of one of the most terrible criminal cases in Japanese history.

Leaving aside the comforts of her life in London, 21-year-old Lucie Blackman goes on an exciting voyage to Tokyo in search of a year of discovery and new experiences. Little did her parents and friends realize that her brave leap of faith would soon lead to an unfathomable horror, as Lucie disappeared without a trace just three weeks after arriving in the bustling metropolis.

With the release of the documentary, a lot of viewers have been curious to know more about her, including her family, a friend she went to Japan with, her father, and more. Well, here’s her complete Wikipedia.

Wikipedia: Know About Lucie Blackman’s Family, Parents & Father; Netflix Update!

Lucie Blackman was a 21-year-old British native who loved to travel and was captivated by Japanese culture. Talking about her parents, she lived in a family of 4: father Tim Blackman, mother Jane Steare, and 2 siblings Sophie & Rupert.

Blackman, her father, stated that once she finished high school, she indicated a desire to explore the world and spend a few years in Japan. At the time, Japan was thought to be a secure country, and few were aware of the dark underbelly that shook Tokyo on occasion.

As a result, Lucie flew to Japan and began adjusting to life in the new city after receiving her parents’ consent. People in Japan who knew Lucie described her as a vivacious and kindhearted young woman who treated people well and enjoyed meeting new people.

On July 1, 2000, Lucie was reported missing, and when her father, Tim, understood that the Tokyo police weren’t interested in keeping in frequent touch, he traveled over to Japan with his younger daughter, Sophie. Naturally, Tim’s presence accelerated things, and the show claimed that, whereas an ordinary missing person investigation might include five officers, hundreds of law enforcement authorities were looking into Lucie’s disappearance.

Lucie Blackman went missing on July 1, 2000. celebsindepth.comLucie Blackman went missing on July 1, 2000.
Image Source: Netflix

Tim’s presence, on the other hand, added an element of politics to the inquiry because he was greeted by Tony Blair, the then-prime minister of the United Kingdom, while the Japanese prime minister told him that the culprit would be caught without fail.

Months passed with no news of Lucie Blackman, and with each passing day, her loved ones began to fear the worst. Simultaneously, Japanese authorities learned that a sex predator had been following and snatching Roppongi girls for quite some time. Nonetheless, officers were eventually led to Lucie’s remains, which were retrieved from a cave near a beach resort after accumulating different witness accounts and leads.

An autopsy later revealed that Lucie had been drugged and sexually raped before the attacker strangled her and mutilated her body.

Know About Lucie Blackman’s Friend, Who Traveled With Her to Japan!

As mentioned in the Netflix documentary, Lucie Blackman was not alone when she traveled to Japan. She and her friend, Louise Phillips, made the plan together. The two women shared a first-floor room in a lodging house near Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium after resigning from their jobs with British Airways to travel Asia.

They found work at the Casablanca bar in Tokyo’s trendy Roppongi area in need of financial assistance throughout their stay. Aside from pouring beverages, the two friends took on the role of hostesses as part of their profession, which occasionally included going on paid dates, known as ‘dhan’ in Japan.

Lucie Blackman and her friend, Louise Phillips, used to work at the Casablanca bar. celebsindepth.comLucie Blackman and her friend, Louise Phillips, used to work at the Casablanca bar.
Image Source: Netflix

Lucie Blackman went on a paid date with a client on July 1, 2000. She told Phillips she was going out for the day with a man, but she never returned. During the search for Blackman, Phillips got a phone call from a guy who introduced himself as Akira Takagi. He said Blackman was a member of a religious cult and was receiving “training.” He also stated that Phillips would not be able to meet Blackman again.

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