Luna Wedler Boyfriend 2021 – Is the Biohackers Actress Dating a BF?

Luna Wedler is only 21-years-old but in the past few years she had had few hit movie and one beloved Netflix show, which is coming back for a second season. She is one of the brightest talents coming out of Europe in recent years and got to show case her talent for the world with Biohackers. Now, in 2021 people want to know if the Swiss actress is dating a boyfriend, here we dissect all the rumors and details.

The Biohackers actress was born on 26 October 1999 to her parents in Zurich, Switzerland. From a young age being an actress was one of her dreams so she started auditioning by the time she started high school. It was on a whim, at the age of 14, the actress started her career after getting a role soon after starting her auditioning journey. By the time she was 16, roles were coming thick and fast for the young Swiss.

After finishing high school she enrolled in European Film Actor School and also started taking contemporary dance classes. The actress also detailed how a role in Blue My Mind was something she was too young for. Luna had to learn the intricacies of the filming world, on the go, her experience was on the job. But her determination was what got her to the place she occupies now. So, for those wondering, beyond these details, who her boyfriend is, well, here is everything you need to know.

Luna Wedler Boyfriend 2021 – Is the Actress in a Relationship?

luna-wedler-boyfriend-2021Luna Wedler was rumored to be dating boyfriend Aaron Hilmer. She is single in 2021
Image Source: Aaron Hilmer Instagram

One of Luna Wedler‘s first role as an actress was in the TV show The Team. She appeared in the show for 8 episodes and moved on to make movies. And throughout her career, the actress has been mostly linked with her co-stars, understandably so as their chemistry on screen became undeniable. One of the first guys to be linked as Lune Wedler’s boyfriend was Aaron Hilmer.

Luna and Aaron appeared together in the hit rom-com movie The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. Luna played Roxy in the movie while Aaron starred as Cyril. The movie was a massive success in Germany and German publication Express talked about the duo possibly dating. Fans were also shipping the two together as they appeared extremely comfortable in each other’s company.

There were also multiple pictures of the two being cozy and walking the red carpet, that stoked the flames a little. But at the end of the day, the Aaron Hilmer was not Luna’s boyfriend. They appeared in a movie together and while the duo did look attractive together, they were not dating in real life. Luna and Aaron appear to be good friends in 2021.

Luna Wedler and Jannis Niewöhner Links – Are They Together?

Jannis Niewöhner has been winning German hearts for over a decade now. From his debut in late 2000s to his Jupiter Award winning performance in late 2010s, Jannis has seen and done it all. More recently the actor appeared in the movie Je suis Karl which is a special selection to premiere during the Berlin Film Festival.

Appearing alongside Jannis in the movie is Luna and fans were going crazy when the announcement was made that they were in the same movie. There were some fans who were even hoping that the two started dating. Jannis Niewöhner being Luna Wedler’s boyfriend would be a power move but as with most of her relationship rumors, this all appears to be wishful thinking.

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While it would be nice to see the actress dating someone in real life, it appears we will have to make do with her on camera romances. At just 21 years of age, there is no rush in getting in a relationship, career is more important and that being said, the Swiss actress is single in 2021.

Luna Wedler Plays Mia Akerlund in the Netflix Series Biohackers Season 2

Biohackers is a German TV show produced by Uli Putz and Jakob Claussen with help from German Motion Picture Fund and FilmFernsehFonds. The show was filmed in 2019 and was scheduled for released in April 2020, but due to the COVID pandemic and the nature of the show, Netflix pushed the release 4 months.

The show followed Mia Akerlund who just got to the University of Freiburg and is interested to dive into the world of biohacking. She also has an ulterior motive, Mia wants to figure out what happened to her brother when they were both young while also investigating his death. In her quest “she learns of breakthrough biohacking research results which have landed in the wrong hands, Mia has to decide whether to protect her friends or avenge her brother’s death.”

Luna Wedler played the character of Mia Akerlund in the hit Netflix series. The first season was well received by fans and critics which resulted in the streaming platform giving the drama another go. Luna is coming back as Mia and you can watch the trailer above for season 2.

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Biohackers season 2 will be released on 9 July 2021. The cast is led by Luna Wedler as Mia Akerlund, Thomas Prenn as Niklas, Adrian Julius Tillmann as Jasper, Jessica Schwarz as Professor Tanja Lorenz, Zeynep Bozbay as Petra Eller, Caro Cult as Lotta, Eleonore Daniel as Heike, Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer as Ole, Jing Xiang as Chen-Lu and Benno Furmann as Andreas Winter.

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