Maddison Jaizani

Maddison Jaizani is a British-Iranian actress who was born on 3 June to her British mother and Iranian father. She is of mixed race and lived her early life in England, the actress is currently living in Sale, England while she is not filming her new show Nancy Drew or involved in her modeling job.

The first acting role came her way in the form of a small part in the TV series Tyrant where she portrayed the character of young Leila, and so took off her career in 2014. Since then, bit by bit, the actress built her career on the one performance which resulted in offers in multiple TV shows.

Maddison Zaizani at the comic con, talking about Bess Marvin in the show Nancy Drew.Maddison Jaizani started her career in 2014.
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Since appearing in the show Tyrant, the actress was hired in multiple different roles, which now leads her to the biggest one of her short career so far with her appearing as Bess Marvin in The CW show Nancy Drew, based on the reputed book series of the 1900s.

Playing ‘Bess Marvin’ in The CW show ‘Nancy Drew’

Maddison Jaizani is playing Bess Marvin in Nancy Drew. Here seen in front of a CW banner.Maddison Jaizani is playing the character of ‘Bess Marvin’ in the show ‘Nancy Drew.’
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Nancy Drew is an age-old character, something multiple actresses over the years portrayed in movies and TV shows. The story is again revamped for a new audience with a new creative team behind the whole thing and starring Kennedy McMann as the eponymous character.

The show follows 18-year-old Nancy Drew who bungles her college admission to stay in her home town after she is drawn in by a mysterious murder of the supernatural kind. Bess Marvin is a character who works at a restaurant, which is run by Georgina Fan, once a friend of Nancy, but as she describes it, “serious grudge holder.”

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Bess looks shallow, someone who is in town just for her break and living with an affluent aunt in the town. But she’s got some secrets in her past and also something to do with the murders or what happened afterward.

The show premiered its first episode on 9 October, and it will return next week at the same time to figure out the person who killed Tiffany Hudson. The five friends of Nancy are looking for the killer and trying to shed some light on the person who committed the heinous crime, whether it is the deed of the human or there is some supernatural part to it.

Relationship with Lucas Pasqualino, Maddison’s Ride or Die!

Maddison Jaizani is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Lucas Pasqualino.Maddison Jaizani is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Luke Pasqualino.
Source: Maddison Jaizani, Instagram

While she only appeared in three TV shows, the actress was still killing it with her appearances as the leading character in some of the hit shows. But it wasn’t only her career which was trending up, she was also active in her love life. While working in Into the Badlands, the actress became involved with fellow actor Luke Pasqualino.

Though they never worked together, all of a sudden, the actor started to make an appearance in the actress’s Instagram feed with the couple getting lovey-dovey with one another. By mid to late 2017, the two were enjoying each other’s company and falling in love. There were numerous snaps where the duo was extremely intimate and it was apparent for all to see they were in love.

Maddison Jaizani and Luke Pasqualino are in a relationship.Maddison and Lucas are extremely close together.
Source: Maddison Jaizani, Instagram

Maddison also called Lucas, her ride or die, someone she is happy to be with and looks to spend the rest of the life with. There is a slight hitch in their relationship though; the two are not sharing any photographs of them together on their Instagram. The last time she posted anything related to her “ride or die” was on 21 October 2018 and its been almost a year since she or Lucas posted anything on their relationship.

Almost a year since the two stopped posting about one another, and we are uncertain, whether they are still in a relationship or not, but they are also not deleting the pictures which means the duo is probably on a break.

Before Luke, There Was Thomas Ogden

Maddison Jaizani and Thomas Ogden were in a relationship for a couple of years.Thomas Ogden and Maddison Jaizani were together for a few years.
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Back in 2015, the actress was starting out in her career when she met Thomas Ogden and the two fell in love hard. They were celebrating birthdays together, there were anniversaries, vacations, and the two were inseparable. They even called each other with nicknames; maybe it was the first fling/relationship which is why the two were extremely close.

Their love was a blazing fire, it burned bright, but it also burned extremely fast, and when it all settled down, there was nothing but husk and ashes. The futility of young love, if you are not careful, the whole thing burns like magic paper, which is what happened to the two. After about two years together, the couple called it quits and went their separate ways.

The Short but Eventful Career of Maddison

Maddison Jaizani played the character of Sophie in the show Versailles.Maddison played the character of ‘Sophie’ in the show ‘Versailles.’
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Maddison started her career in the political drama show Tyrant in 2014 where she played the character of Leila as a teenager in one episode. But big roles were waiting for the actress down the line when she was hired to the period drama Versailles.

From 2015 to 2018, Maddison played the role of Sophie in 25 of the 30 episodes, three-season TV series about the French King Louis XIV and his desire to build the Palace of Versailles in the mid-17th century.

Maddison Jaizani played the character of Odessa in the series Into the Badlands.Maddison Jaizani as ‘Odessa’ in the series ‘Into the Badlands.’
Source: IMDb

While her time in the show was winding down, the actress was hired to the hit AMC show Into the Badlands where she portrayed the character of Odessa in 12 episodes of the first and second and sporadically in the third season of the show. Her character made her final bow in the 15th episode of the third season after which the actress auditioned for the role of Bess and was hired to play the character in the show.

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