Maeve Dermody

Maeve Dermody is an Australian actress based in the UK who made her first appearance in a film when she was merely five years old. Born on 2nd November 1985, she later transitioned into a full acting profession; her most notable works include TV series, threatre, short films, as well as movies.

Best known for Carnival Row (2019), Dermody carries a specific acting goal. Speaking to Vogue in 2012, the actress said she strives to play unique characters without a hint of herself in any of the roles.

Dermody’s Early Life and Family

Carnival Row star Maeve Dermody was a child actress who made her film debut in 1993.

Maeve Dermody was a child actress who made her film debut in 1993.
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The actress is the daughter of Susan Murphy Dermody (mother), who happens to be a film theorist and director while her father is a psychologist. She was granted her first role in a movie titled Breathing Under Water (1993), which was directed by her mother.

Maeve went to Mosman High School in Sydney, where she attended drama classes as well as a youth theatre company called Australian Theatre for Young People. Dermody continued to learn acting as she joined the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney.

Maeve Dermody plays the role of ‘Portia Fyfe’ in ‘Carnival Row’ (2019)

Carnival Row tells the story of mythical creatures who have run off from their war-torn home to the city where tension arises between the local citizens and the immigrants. The drama revolves around unsolved murders, unresolved love, and the lust of power, all of which are happening in the region.

Maeve Dermody is a recurring character in season 1 who appeared for six episodes. She plays Portia Fyfe, the landlord of Philo (Orlando Bloom), with whom she carries a romantic interest. Unfortunately for her, Philo refutes her approach time and again.

A brief look at the actress’ career so far

Carnival Row actress Maeve Dermody who has appeared in several movies and TV series attending the AACTA Awards in Sydney, Australia in 2012.

Maeve Dermody attending the AACTA Awards in Sydney, Australia in 2012.
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During her high school years, Maeve received several roles in series and short films, most notably All Saints (1998). However, her first significant role came almost a decade later in Black Water (2007), which earned her multiple nominations in Australia for Best Supporting Actress awards.

The actress subsequently landed notable roles in Beautiful Kate (2009), Griff the Invisible (2010), and Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms (2012). A year later, she starred in Australian-Singaporean drama Serangoon Road (2013), where she played the role of Claire Simpson.

The Aussie most notably starred as Vera Claythorne alongside Aidan Turner in the miniseries thriller based on Agatha Christie’s novel And Then There Were None (2015). The following year she played Grace Gibson in the detective miniseries Marcella (2016).

Watch: Maeve Dermody on Being Part of ‘And Then There Were None’

As for her theatre career, Dermody has appeared in Killer Joe, Measure for Measure, and Our Town. Moreover, she played the character of Nina in The Seagull.

Maeve Dermody was in a relationship with Australian actor Sam Worthington

Maeve Dermody dated boyfriend Sam Worthington for three years.

Maeve Dermody dated Sam Worthington for three years.
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Fans are often curious to know who Maeve Dermody’s husband is. However, there are no records she’s married yet, and neither does she share any children. Meanwhile, it’s a well-known fact she previously dated Aussie star, Sam Worthington.

Maeve and her boyfriend Sam dated for three years between 2004 and 2007. The reason for their split still remains unclear as neither of them has spoken about their past relationship. Since this was over a decade ago, it looks unlikely if they’ll talk about this anytime soon.

Does Maeve Dermody look like Emily Blunt?

Fans believe Maeve Dermody looks like Emily Blunt.

Fans believe Maeve Dermody looks like Emily Blunt.
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The majority of the fans tend to believe Dermody looks like the British-American actress Emily Blunt. This was first noticeable in 2015 when she starred as Vera Claythorne in And Then There Were None.

It was not just looks, even her mannerisms were identical. In fact, the entire miniseries was a great remake of the Agatha Christie stories. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if Maeve Dermody ends up gaining as much stardom as the recipient of the Golden Globe Award, Emily Blunt.

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