Marcus Scribner Girlfriend 2021 - Is The Celebrity Dating Game Star in a Relationship with a GF?

Aug 18, 2021 @ 0:01 GMT-0500

Marcus Scribner was only 7 years old when he got that fuzzy feeling from acting. Soon a shy kid while growing up was attending classes on acting on the weekends while enjoying his school life. Entering the acting world soon after his first audition, Marcus made a name for himself after appearing in the ABC show Black-ish. The fame from the show resulted in fans wanting to know his girlfriend, more so in 2021, as fans scour the internet to find more about his personal life.

The Black-ish actor was born on 7 January 2000 to his black father and mixed race mother. He was raised alongside his sister in Los Angeles, California. At the age of seven, acting piqued his interest and though a little shy he was won over by a single class. Soon he was on the set of Castle, guest starring in one episode of the hit ABC crime mystery drama series.

But it was until Black-ish that Marcus Scribner really started turning heads in Hollywood. He was hired to play Andre Johnson Jr. a mixed race teenager in the ABC comedy show. Marcus beat out Anthony Anderson's son for the role and as he started playing Andre, Marcus started identifying with him, more and more. The experience in the show was profound and so was his life after. Followed by hundreds of thousands of adoring fans, they want to know everything about the actor. So, here is everything we know about his girlfriend in 2021.

Marcus Scribner Girlfriend 2021 - Is the Actor in a Relationship?

marcus-scribner-girlfriend-2021Marcus Scribner revealed that he is dating a girlfriend. In 2021 the actor is probably still dating his mysterious gf.
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Being a young mixed race kid on TV means a lot of attention is paid from the general public. Even more so when the show you are appearing in is a massive hit with constant award considerations and wins. Marcus Scribner was 13 years old when he auditioned for the role of Andre Johnson Jr., for millions of fans they either grew up with the actor or watched him grow up into an assertive young man.

This caused everyone to be even more interested in the life of the young actor. But from the beginning of all the fervor to now, Marcus has been extremely protective about his personal life. He is fine sharing a few pictures here and there of his family, but when it comes to girlfriend, he remained tight lipped. Well, until one fateful day when something slipped and sent fans bugging over the identity of his new gf.

Marcus Scribner Says He is Dating a Girlfriend

Being private with everything also means fans are dogged about each and every word that comes out of your mouth. While there were only speculations Marcus Scribner was dating a girlfriend, no one expected the actor himself confirming the relationship, by mistake. That is exactly what happened on social media as the actor went on Instagram life and mistakenly spilled the beans on his gf.

During the pandemic Marcus came on Instagram life and started sharing what he is doing during the time. He went through the basic stuff of working and taking care of his dog and then he said "chilling with my girlfriend and stuff, you know the deal!" The actor realized he made a mistake and quickly fumbled around to not let people notice what he said.

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Well, people did take notice as they started talking about the actor being taken. After being so careful and hiding his relationship from all the prying eyes, the actor himself ignited fervent talks about his gf on social media. He did mention his girlfriend on the Instagram live video, but as to the identity of the girl, it is still a mystery. We are also not certain if they are still together in 2021.

Later on when Marcus appeared on the Wendy Williams Show, the actor said all of the relationship stuff was a little complicated. He said, "Currently, it's complicated. We've got stuff going on. We've got, yeah, I'll leave it at that. Wendy is trying to hit me with the difficult questions. I'll leave it a mystery for the audience." That is all we know about Marcus Scribner's girlfriend and his relationship detail. The actor does appear to have a girlfriend, but then he is appearing in The Celebrity Dating Game, further confusing everyone.

Black-ish Star Marcus Scribner Appeared on The Celebrity Dating Game

Based on the classic reality TV show, The Celebrity Dating Game follows a celebrity as they are made to guess who is behind a panel through a series of songs and clues from Michael Bolton. At the end of the game they can get out from behind the panel and then decide if they would like to go out on a date. It has been a nice ratings success for ABC.

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In the most recent episode Marcus Scribner appeared on the show. He got the "contestants to pretend they are on a reality television show." He will probably not date a person he met on a reality show, but what can you really say in this day and age.

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