Maria Pedraza Boyfriend: Dancing on Glass Star is Dating Her Former Co-Star in 2022!

Maria Pedraza, popularly known for her role in Netflix’s Money Heist and Elite, is back again with her new movie, Dancing on Glass. With the release of the trailer of the Netflix movie, fans have been curious to know more about her, including her relationship details. Well, Maria Pedraza is reportedly in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jesus Mosquera. Go through the article to know about Maria Pedraza’s boyfriend rumors and her new movie in detail.

Maria Pedraza is a Spanish actress, fashion model, dancer, Instagram star, and social media influencer who rose to global fame as an actress after starring as Alison Parker in the Netflix robbery thriller Money Heist and Laura in Esteban Crespo‘s love drama Amar. She’s also well-known for sharing her stunning modeling pictures and dancing videos on various social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter.

Maria was born in Madrid, Spain, on January 26, 1996, and grew up with her siblings and parents. She graduated from a local high school and went on to get a bachelor’s degree in arts at a university. She discovered her passion for modeling while attending a local high school and decided to pursue a career in the same field.

Recently, Netflix dropped a trailer of a movie titled Dancing on Glass where Maria is cast as a lead actor. Apart from the movie, viewers are curious to know personal details about her, including if she has a boyfriend. Here is everything we know about Maria Pedraza’s boyfriend.

Maria Pedraza’s Boyfriend: Relationship with Jesus Mosquera

maria-pedraza-boyfriend-jesus-mosquera-2022Maria Pedraza is currently dating her boyfriend Jesus Mosquera. They met on the set of Netflix series Toy Boy and have been together till now in 2022.
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Maria Pedraza has been in the spotlight since the release of her first movie, Amar, in 2017. She is not really very private about her life as she updates her fans regularly through her social platforms. However, fans are still not sure if she has a boyfriend.

We did our research and Maria Pedraza is reportedly dating Jesus Mosquera(@jesusmosquera__). He is an ex-football player and now an actor who is mostly known for his role in Netflix’s Toy Boy. Maria and Pedraza were cast as leading actors in the first season of Toy Boy in 2019 and we can assume the couple met on the set for the first time and started dating later. Mosquera first posted a picture of themselves on May 17, 2019, where the couple was seen to be very close to each other and he also mentioned that he loved her in the caption.

Meanwhile, Maria(@mariapedraza_) has not posted anything on her Instagram except for the promotion of their series. Season 2 of Toy Boy was released in February 2022, and Maria last posted a picture with Jesus notifying the series was available on the streaming platform. On the other hand, some fans think Maria’s longtime friend, Juanjo Almeida, might be her boyfriend.

Maria and Juanjo(@juanjo_almeida) seem to be very close with each other. They often share their intimate pictures with each other on their Instagram. Some captions might have led fans to think they might be a couple. Their captions reflect that they love each other more than anything in the world. It’s true that they love each other, but as best friends. Yes, you read it right. Maria and Juanjo have been best friends for a long time, even before they were introduced to their acting careers. As we looked at their Instagram they have been hanging out since they were teenagers.

A few months ago, rumors came out that Maria was dating Alex Gonzalez(@alexgonzalezact). Alex is also an actor from Spain. According to internet rumors, they were spotted multiple times during vacations and events. However, none of them has spoken anything about their relationship. Alex is also a part of Netflix’s Toy Boy Season 2. They’ve both shared a video of having fun during the set of the movie and they really seem to enjoy their time together. However, no official statements have been made regarding their relationship.

Similarly, there were rumors all around that Maria was dating Jaime Lorente. They also worked together on Money Heistand Elite. After sharing photographs on Instagram throughout the pandemic lockdown, the couple’s relationship was officially confirmed. Pedraza was reunited with her boyfriend Lorente in the movie Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island?, and the two shared the screen once more. Unfortunately, the co-stars of the Netflix shows Elite and Money Heist called it quits after dating for some period. Fans observed that the two had unfollowed one other on social media, which sparked the split rumors.

Therefore, it’s interesting to dive deep into Maria Pedraza’s dating history. We can assume Jesus Mosquera to be her boyfriend for now. However, there’s no official statement about the couple dating. In addition to that, Maria is definitely not dating Juanjo Almeida. They’re just regular best friends who love and appreciate each other.

Everything You Need To Know About Netflix’s Dancing on Glass: Cast, Plot, Release Date

Netflix’s upcoming Spanish drama, Dancing on Glass, originally titled Las nias de cristal, appears to be a good release to look forward to. Following the success of titles such as Through My Window, The Platform, and other dramas, Netflix now appears to be making it a point to offer us one or more Spanish-language titles every month.

Dancing on Glass is produced by Federation Spain (a newly formed Spanish division of Federation Entertainment) and released by Netflix. It is directed and written by Jota Linares with co-writer Jorge Naranjo. Paula Losada, Marta Hazas, Mona Martnez, Ana Wagener, Olivia Baglivi, Juanjo Almeida, and Fernando Delgado star alongside Mara Pedraza as Irene in the movie.

According to Netflix, “When immense pressure threatens a ballerina in a new leadership role, she and another dancer escape into a friendship that isolates them from the real world.” Las nias de cristal is described as personal and suspenseful by the OTT platform.

On March 25, 2022, the film premiered at the Málaga Film Festival. On April 8, 2022, it will be available on Netflix for an international audience. And the film will be 140 minutes in length.

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