Rueby Wood Gender: Better Nate Than Ever Star Gay or Transgender? Get to Know the Details!

Rueby Wood, currently 15, was cast in the Disney original Better Nate Than Ever. Fans have been curious to know about Wood’s gender since the release of the movie. Some fans think he is transgender whereas some fans think he might be gay. Well, we did our research, and here is everything we know about Rueby Wood’s gender.

Rueby Wood is an actor, singer, and dancer from the United States who rose to fame after playing the character of Natein the Disney musical comedy Better Nate Than Ever. In 2018, he also starred as Charlie in the first national Broadway production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Aside from that, he has danced at other events and provided his voice in many forms of digital media. Ruby has also amassed a sizable following on social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

Rueby was born in New York, United States, on January 19, 2007, and grew up with his family and friends. He attended a private high school in his hometown for his education. He has always loved acting and has been doing it since he was a child. He used to learn acting while he was in school. Later, he began playing a variety of roles on Broadway, notablyMichael Banks in Mary Poppins (Syracuse Stage, 2016-2017).

There are many rumors regarding Wood’s gender after Disney released Better Nate Than Ever on its streaming platform. Some viewers are keen to know the truth about his gender. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Details On Rueby Wood’s Gender: Transgender, Gay and Other Rumors

rueby-wood-gender-gay-transgender-2022Fans want to know Rueby Wood’s gender after the actor’s performance in the Disney Plus original movie Better Nate Than Ever.
Image Source: Instagram

After watching Rueby Wood’s amazing performance in his debut movie, Better Nate Than Ever, the audiences are curious to know about the young actors’ gender. Wood’s new movie features an LGBT theme which is why some fans alleged him of being transgender. According to some viewers, Rueby might have got the role in the movie for being a part of an LGBT community.

However, we did not find any hints or information about Rueby being a transgender person, therefore it’s safe to assume he’s never changed his gender. Also, since there is no confirmation that he underwent surgery to change his gender, we are supposed to narrate him as he/him when addressing him, as seen on his Instagram bio.

Similarly, some fans even think that Wood might be gay. We did some research and nothing on the internet gives us a definitive answer as to whether or not the teen actor is gay. He has a fascination towards looking good as all people tend to do, but Rueby especially likes to keep things ambiguous with his makeup. There appears to be a lot of drag influences but we are not certain of this until Rueby comes out and talks about it all.

We can clearly see the reasons why fans have been talking about him being a transgender person or gay on his Instagram(@ruebywood). On March 23, 2022, he posted a picture of himself at the premiere of his movie. He was seen wearing a black shirt and a black full skirt with pretty makeup done on his face, including long nails and weird rings on his fingers. Similarly, on March 17, 2022, he posted a picture of himself posing in a light green fancy dress during the previous event.

Therefore, Rueby does not seem to be transgender or gay for now as we don’t have enough evidence to confirm the rumors. He is just 15 years old as of 2022, and there are a lot of things for him to know before he makes a decision about his gender. However, it would not make any difference in his acting career even if he is transgender or gay as he has proved his acting skills in the new Disney movie.

Is Disney+ Original Better Nate Than Ever Based On a True Story?

Disney’s musical comedy Better Nate Than Ever was released on April 1, 2022, and it is partially based on a true story. It’s based on filmmaker Tim Federle‘s 2013 novel of the same name. Federle’s debut work, intended for middle schoolers, is partially based on incidents in his own life. He was also raised in Pittsburgh and used to travel to New York for auditions as a theatrical child.

The theatrical components of the book, as well as Nate‘s sexuality, depict a young Federle who aspired to be his own person and leave his mark on the world while still attempting to figure out who he was as a youngster. Federle, like Nate’s friend Libby, had a best friend when he was 13 years old.

Five, Six, Seven, Nate! and Nate Expectations! are the two sequels of the book. Federle’s objective in writing the book was to portray a child’s hopeful path of self-discovery as they search for their inner destiny. Nate’s passion for theatre not only matches Federle’s, but it also serves as a metaphor for stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight to tell your story.

The title of the book, Better Nate Than Ever, also emphasizes that the best version of yourself is the actual version of yourself. Lin-Manuel Miranda read the book, passionately tweeted about it, and spoke about it in the New York Times, which inspired the transition of this critically-praised novel into a musical film. Soon afterward, Federle received a call from Fox, who wanted to talk to him about his book.

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