Maria Shriver’s Plastic Surgery: No Longer Recognizable While Spotted in LA; Botox, Fillers, Facelift, Laser & More!

Former wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver’s latest appearance in Los Angeles, fueled the rumors of her plastic surgery, notably Fillers, a Brow lift, a Facelift, and Laser resurfacing. Mother of four children, and currently 66 years, many are comparing Maria’s old looks with her latest pictures, in regards to the plastic surgery speculations. Here’s everything about Maria Shriver’s plastic surgery and how she looks as of 2022.

American journalist and author Maria Shriver is a Kennedy family member and was married to actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2021, she got divorced and made some highlights. The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, a nonprofit, was founded by her as well which has marked Shriver’s good reputation in public.

Before joining NBC News in 1986, she began her journalism career at CBS station KYW-TV, where she also briefly served as the CBS Morning News anchor. After hosting weekends for the Today show and NBC Nightly News, she started reporting on politics as a correspondent for Dateline NBC. She stepped down from her position as First Lady of California in 2004 and returned to NBC News in 2013 as a special anchor.

Maria Shriver was rewarded with a Peabody Award in 1998. She co-anchored NBC’s Emmy-winning coverage of the 1988 Summer Olympics the same year. As an executive producer of The Alzheimer’s Project, she also received two Emmy Awards and an Academy of Television Arts & Sciences award for creating a television show with a conscience.

Maria Shriver has been the subject of rumors about plastic surgery after being captured on camera in Los Angeles. With many questions being raised ranging from why her face looks so different to what plastic surgery procedures did she undergo, the discussion of Maria Shriver’s plastic surgery is raging on the internet. So, here’s all we have on Maria Shriver’s plastic surgery allegations.

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Maria Shriver’s Plastic Surgery: Cosmetic Enhancements Have Made Her Unrecognizable; Here Are All the Procedures Done on Her Face!

According to rumors, Maria Shriver (@mariashriver) has had a wide range of plastic surgery procedures, including Fillers, a Brow lift, a Facelift, and Laser resurfacing.

Maria Shriver was recently photographed while walking around on the weekend in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. She was wearing a pair of black leggings, a white T-shirt, and a pair of gray sneakers, keeping her appearance simple and makeup-free. She even grinned and posed for the photographers as she made her way to her car after stopping at the site of her new house’s development.

Maria Shriver’s forehead appeared strange and unnaturally pulled back in the photographs. Many people on social media began to speculate about the plastic surgery that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife had in order to look that way. All they wanted to know was what treatments she had because they were very positive she had undergone surgery.

Now, simply because people are curious, the former first lady of California hasn’t stepped up and disclosed what plastic surgery she’s undergone. She still hasn’t replied to that.

Maria Shriver undoubtedly underwent plastic surgery, according to Dr. David Saadat, a facial plastic surgeon with three board certifications, who performed facial fillers, lip fillers, and a PDO thread lift on her. He claimed in an interview with RadarOnline that Shriver had too many cosmetic fillers and that her lips were overfilled and had already migrated.

He claimed that getting rid of all the fillers and starting fresh would be very beneficial for Maria Shriver. She may have also had PDO threads placed in her cheekbones, chin, and Nasolabial folds, according to him. A PDO thread lift is a plastic surgery procedure that tightens and lifts drooping skin using dissolvable sutures. For someone her age, Dr. Saadat advised against further filler and PDO thread and in favor of a facelift.

It’s not the first time that gossip magazines have consulted experts to get their advice about Maria Shriver’s plastic surgery. The National Enquirer stated about one and a half years ago that a plastic surgeon believed Shriver underwent a lower facelift with a neck lift since everything was tightened up rather than the loose skin from previously. The expert also mentioned how much more pronounced her chin appeared to be.

The magazine also claimed that an insider had heard rumors that Maria Shriver had undergone a facelift to more precisely define her infamously square jaw and lip injections to give her a more youthful pout. She allegedly used laser resurfacing frequently to achieve a sleek appearance, according to some specialists.

Despite multiple allegations time and again, Maria Shriver remains silent. She hasn’t spilled a word on what she has done to her face nor shut down the gutter media for interfering in her private life.

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