Mark Selby’s Weight Loss: Is His Transformation Due to Health Problems?

Mark Selby has lost some weight in recent years, and people are curious about his weight loss transformation. Fans are wondering whether it was intentional or unintentional. While he has not commented on his transformation, he has been dealing with mental health issues, which could be the cause of his transformation.

Mark Selby is one of the most well-known snooker players in the world. He has been ranked world number one on multiple occasions and has won a total of 22 ranking titles, ranking him eighth all-time in ranking tournament winners. He has won the World Snooker Championship four times, the Masters three times, and the UK Championship twice, for a total of nine Triple Crown titles.

The world’s best snooker player has stayed in great shape. When comparing before and after photos, he appears to have lost a little weight. People are drawn to his transformation, and thus his weight loss journey piques their interest. So, read on to learn more about Mark Selby’s weight loss.

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Mark Selby Weight Loss: He Appears To Be Slimmer in Recent Photos Than He Did a Few Years Ago!

Many fans are concerned about Mark Selby‘s (@markselby_7) weight loss, and there have been heated debates on various social media platforms. In recent years, social media platforms have evolved into a discussion hub for a wide range of topics, including celebrity culture and body image. Selby appears to be slimmer in recent photos than he did a few years ago.

Mark Selby was always slimmer.Mark Selby was always slimmer.
Source: Playersbio

On the other hand, Mark Selby has not been seen with a noticeable difference, and we can only see minor changes in his body weight. In addition, he could not have been on a diet, and his weight could have fluctuated naturally. Furthermore, people have been observed changing without the use of specific workout diet plans, and he could be one of them.

Mark Selby was never overweight or obese, to begin with. To put it another way, he was never one of those celebrities who the public expected to go on a weight loss journey and then scrutinize how they handled their body. He was always thin, or at the very least of average weight. He didn’t lose much because he didn’t have much to lose in the first place. But the small amount he lost is noticeable.

Mark Selby's latest appearance.Mark Selby’s latest appearance.
Source: Twitter

While he hasn’t commented on his transformation, he has been dealing with mental health issues, which may have contributed to his transformation. He has revealed his struggles with mental health, which began to have an impact on his performance, and he encountered difficulties. Fans are naturally curious as to how he lost weight and whether it was intentional or unintentional. We won’t be able to tell unless he acknowledges his weight loss speculations and shares how he got slimmer.

Meet Mark Selby’s Wife Vikki Layton!

Mark Selby has been married to his wife Vikki Layton since 2011. They also have a daughter, Sofia, who was born in 2014. Based on Layton’s photos, she is probably in her thirties. She was born in Ipswich and is now a stay-at-home mother. When she was a teenager, she became very interested in the sport. Between 2003 and 2004, Vikki competed in two snooker tournaments before settling down with her husband of 11 years.

She competed in the 2003 WEPF Ladies World Championship in Blackpool before the Ladies European Championship in Jersey. Vikki advanced to the semifinals of the latter competition before losing to fellow pool player Barbara Taylor. She only competed in a few events during her brief stint as a professional pool player, but it appears that she is now achieving her goal through her husband Mark Selby. Vikki no longer plays pool, but she continues to cheer him on by attending all of his snooker matches. She is a regular at his major matches and has raised a family with Mark.

Looking at their dating history, Mark Selby first asked Vikki out on a date in 2006 after meeting her on the professional circuit. When Mark invited her out for a drink and dinner, they were just friends at first. Everything seemed to fall into place between them as Vikki moved from Ipswich to Leicester. Furthermore, as a former Irish international pool player, she understood Mark on a deeper professional level. As a result, they engaged in August 2010 after Mark proposed on a gondola in Venice. In May 2011, they were married in Cancun, Mexico.