Maxie From General Hospital, Played by Kirsten Storms’ Terrible Weight Gain – Kirsten Storms, better known as Maxie Jones from General Hospital, has had a massive weight gain. Many people have called her out for having a terrible transformation after gaining weight. Although she hasn’t revealed the actual reason behind her appearance, fans believe that after having brain surgery, she was recovering from it, and drugs can have an impact on one’s looks.

Kirsten Storms is an American actress who has appeared in a variety of films and television shows. She began her profession at the age of five, performing in commercials and print advertisements. Her television debut came in 1993, when she appeared as a guest star on the serial opera One Life to Live. She was a member of the cast of the show for an astonishing five years, until 2004. During her stint on Days of Our Lives, the actress was nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

She moved on to the ABC serial drama General Hospital, where she played Maxie Jones. Her portrayal of Maxie has been a long-running success, and she is still on the show. She is known for her versatility as an actress, having played a wide range of roles during her career, and she has followers who admire her and wonder about her huge transformation. Maxie, a pivotal character in the General Hospital story, has been around since 1990, and her weight gain throughout the year is noticeable, and fans can’t stop themselves from talking about it.

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Kirsten Storms’ Weight Gain Journey Since Her Appearance as Maxie in General Hospital

If you have watched Kirsten Storms (@kirstenstorms) since her starting role in the ABC serial drama General Hospital, where she played Maxie Jones, you have undoubtedly noticed her weight gain. She has amassed a sizable fan base and received critical accolades throughout her career, including her weight gain transformation, which cannot remain undiscussed.

Kirsten Storms, before and after weight gain. Kirsten Storms, before and after weight gain.
Source: Venture Jolt

There is no debate that the actress Kirsten Storms, who is also recognized by her character name Maxie, has changed a lot, and not all will recognize her due to her recent weight gain appearance. It’s not that she gained weight directly over the years; the well-known actress was gaining weight gradually, and now it’s quite visible.

When we first saw Kirsten Storms play Maxie, a pivotal character in the General Hospital story, she was slim and had a good figure, but now it looks like she is a different person as she is bigger. Although she has been on the show since 1990, and now that she has aged and no one can look like they did in their early years, she has changed not only by age but by all shapes.

Kirsten Storms is all over the internet for her huge body transformation from slim to fat, and no doubt she hasn’t seen the comments and hate she has been getting for her appearance, calling her transformation terrible, but she has not bothered to comment on it. Also, many people are concerned if her weight gain is the result of her weight gain, but she has not revealed anything regarding it.

Rumors Suggest Kirsten Storms Brain Surgery Might Have Resulted in Her Weight Gain

There are several fans who have discussed Kirsten Stormsweight gain and speculated that her transformation might be due to the health issues and surgeries she has undergone. The actress who played Maxie Jones on General Hospital had brain surgery to remove a cyst. She rushed to social media to inform her admirers of the news and reassure them that the operation was a success.

Kirsten Storms had brain surgery, causing an impact on her appearance. celebsindepth.comKirsten Storms had brain surgery, causing an impact on her appearance.
Source: Instagram

In specific Instagram photographs, some followers detected changes in her appearance, particularly in her face. However, it’s vital to remember that she was recovering from brain surgery, and drugs can have an impact on one’s looks. The actress expressed gratitude for her friends’ and family’s support during her rehabilitation and disclosed that she hopes to spend her spare time knitting. Despite the surgery, her optimistic attitude and determination have earned her fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry’s praise.

Given her history of health problems, it’s possible that her recent weight fluctuations are due to her health and medicine. Kirsten Storms, like everyone else, does not enjoy comments about her physique, regardless of the cause. She has already spoken out against such comments, whether about weight loss or growth, because they are generally judgmental. Kirsten Storms has faced criticism for both weight loss and weight gain, implying that her physique has fluctuated owing to a variety of issues, including health concerns.