Tricia Penrose’s Changed Lifestyle Led to Her Weight Gain

Dec 7, 2023 @ 4:41 GMT-0500
Tricia Penrose’s Changed Lifestyle Led to Her Weight Gain

Tricia Penrose looks to have undergone a weight gain in her recent appearance. A few years ago, she had weight loss, but it looks like she gained her weight back, but she has not revealed how she gained weight. As per Reddit users, she may have stopped her diet and workout routines, leading to bad lifestyle.

Tricia Penrose is a multi-talented American singer and actress who has made a name for herself in the music industry. Her success and contributions to well-known shows like The Royal, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Boon, and Justice have characterized her. She has experimented with singing in addition to her acting endeavors. Although she is largely known for her acting, Penrose has also dabbled in music, releasing two singles. She has also performed a number of songs on Heartbeat; her character Gina even won a talent contest in a series 2 episode with her rendition of the Lulu hit Shout. And she has been on ITV's Heartbeat for years.

On Tuesday (December 5), Heartbeat icon Tricia Penrose faced actor Dean Sullivan in a new episode of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. With her appearance in the show, there has been a huge discussion over her weight among internet users. So let us discuss her weight gain.

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After Weight Gain, Tricia Penrose Looks Overweight

Heartbeat icon Tricia Penrose (@trish_penrose_) looked different and had a bigger figure when we saw her on the show, Road Trip on Tuesday, so there is no doubt she has gained weight in recent times. Her most recent appearance has disturbed many of her fans. People were surprised to see her looking a little bigger than the previous time we saw her, and they were concerned about what had caused her to gain weight.

Tricia Penrose's recent looks after weight loss include wearing a blue and white shirt. celebsindepth.comTricia Penrose's recent looks after weight loss include wearing a blue and white shirt.
Source: BBC

You can see the photos of Tricia Penrose with Dean Sullivan, where she is seen wearing glasses and a shirt with a blue and white lining, published by My London, where they are seen posing for the photos after the show or before the Heartbeat icon started. In the picture, she is seen as overweight, having a puffy face, and having a bigger body.

There was a time when Tricia Penrose shed and even shared the secret ingredients. A few years ago, she dropped 1.5 stone by following an exercise regimen and a balanced food plan. Closer Magazine said that the actress was inspired to drop weight when her kid asked whether she was pregnant. She fell to a size 10, but her weight gradually crept back up to 11 st 1lb over the next eight months. She made a variety of healthy modifications to her daily diet after realizing it was time to make a shift, swapping items like sandwiches, chips, and chocolate for pita bread, lean meats, and veggies.

Tricia Penrose told the magazine about some of the activities she did to tone up her physique so she could fit back into her size 10 clothes. The plank, tricep curls, and lunges were recommended by the actress as hard, but they work the muscles in your thighs really well. She went on to say that she did sets of 15.

Tricia Penrose has a puffy face after gaining weight. celebsindepth.comTricia Penrose has a puffy face after gaining weight.
Source: Daily Express

However, it looks like Tricia Penrose has once again gained weight. From her detailing, we can understand that she has faced weight fluctuation throughout the years. She is in her 50s, as she is 53 years old, and your body doesn't remain the same; it changes rapidly, and the same might have happened with the actress. Or she may have stopped her diet and workout routines, leading to bad lifestyle. However, this is just our speculation, as the actress has not made any statement regarding her recent weight gain.

Tricia Penrose Has Played Gina Ward in Heartbeat for 18 Years

Viewers might recognize Tricia as Gina Ward from Heartbeat, a role she portrayed for 18 years. The classic TV drama series is set in the 1960s and follows a squad of police officers in a fictional town in Yorkshire's North Riding. Heartbeat was a classic TV show back in the day, thanks to its eighteen successful series. Viewers are frequently treated to a walk down memory lane when classic episodes of television shows are broadcast on stations such as ITV. Tricia rose to prominence when she portrayed Gina Ward in the police drama.

The show debuted on ITV in the early 1990s, capturing everyone's attention with its memorable theme tune. Tricia, 53, was initially seen as Gina, a bartender in her uncle's pub. The actress was only scheduled to be on Heartbeat for a year, but she ended up staying for nearly two decades.

Throughout the show, her character Gina had a number of problematic romantic relationships, and her life was not without turmoil. She remained a member of the Heartbeat cast until the show concluded in 2010. The drama is broadcast every Sunday night for 18 seasons, totaling 372 episodes.

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