John General’s Wife Has Been His Support System

John General’s wife has been supporting him, although he has been sentenced to jail. His wife’s name is Maureen Kakwenda, who is an accountant for the church, and Paul Kambazo. There is no exact information on the internet about when the couple got married or how many children they have.

Senior Prophet Bishop John General, better known as John General, is the founder and overseer of Miracle Impact Ministries International, with a ministry spanning over ten years in Zambia. What do you think about his recent claim? He has recently been in the news after he was accused of raping a 26-year-old lady.

A week ago, John was accused of raping a 26-year-old lady, and the news has been flooding all over the internet. Some people are claiming that the rumors are fake, while others say that we can’t judge too fast as no one knows the truth. After being alleged by people, John has also talked about this matter and said that the rumors are fake. Even the elders of the church gathered at the victim’s place to get more information on the allegations against John.

After listening to the allegation, many people are curious to know about John’s wife’s thoughts. In this article, we will be talking about the rumors and the details about his wife. To know more about his personal life and love life, read this article.

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John General’s Wife, Maureen Kakwenda, Is Very Supportive

John General‘s wife’s name is Maureen Kakwenda, who is an accountant for the church, and Paul Kambazo. After John has been sent to jail, Maureen has been talking about her husband, and her latest video, in which she was supporting John and calling him innocent, has been flooding all over TikTok.

After facing allegations of raping a 26-year-old lady, John General has been criticized a lot. While it looks like a good time to stand for John, his wife eventually denies the rumors in the church, claiming that the rumors are fake. John’s wife even said that her husband is innocent and everyone should believe in Papa.

Despite the fact that John was in an investigation and did not appear in place, the way her wife took his support and talked for his justice, the people somehow seemed to be convinced that John had nothing to do with the case. The case discussion has been a huge topic on TikTok, and the video of how John Genenral’s wife, Pastor Maureen Kakwenda, supports him has also been a controversial topic.

While many people seem to be against them, some have said that the case will soon die because John knows very few big people, and his wife is just protecting the husband’s business. The case has not been resolved yet, but people have already delayed the result, as many people think that John General is the victim.

Meet John General’s Wife, Maureen Kakwenda

Maureen Kakwenda known as an accountant by trade, radiated a sense of calm and intelligence, which matched John General’s mild and understanding demeanor. Maureen and John met each other in the church for the first time, and they got married after some years of knowing each other. The information about their children is not known publicly, but people say that they have two children.

John General and his wife for the first time in church. celebsindepth.comJohn General and his wife for the first time in church.
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As of now, John has already been given prison sentences, and people think that Maureen, his wife, will be seen at John’s place. Well, this is not the first time John has been accused or involved in an investigation. In 2018 he was arrested on allegations of robbing a churchgoer of K70,000 from a widow.

What Did John General Explain as the Reason Behind Taking K70,000 From a Widow?

If you are born as a human being, you have both good and bad days. As people say, karma comes back. Do you think John General has been sent to prison because of karma, or is it just a bad day? Well, since there is no answer to the question, we will let time to give all the answers to the question.

John General's wife, Maureen Kakwenda, is very supportive. celebsindepth.comJohn General’s wife, Maureen Kakwenda, is very supportive.
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As we have mentioned, he was arrested in 2018 for taking K70,000 from a widow, he does explain this case but people don’t seem to be convinced by his answers. John General said that he was not a thief. It was God who told me to do that so that the woman could be blessed. John also strongly expressed his opinion and asked people why they had been criticizing him. He said that people were criticizing what he did when the same thing was done by Prophet Elijah in the Bible. Continuing though he angrily stated;

Prophet Elijah also eat food that belonged to a widow and he was never criticized. And I dont know why people are criticizing me when I also wanted that widow to be blessed just as that widow was blessed with expensive oil in the Bible.