Melinda Melrose Boyfriend 2021 – Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Contestant is Dating Her BF for Over 7 Years!

Too Hot to Handle was an international sensation last summer when people turned to the reality show for their entertainment during the COVID pandemic. Despite negative reaction from the critics, the show was a success with season 2 streaming this month, and one of the standout contestant is Melinda Melrose. While most contestants walk into the villa as single, Melinda on the other hand, is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend of over 7 years in 2021.

Born on 27 April 1993, Melinda Melrose was one of 16 kids of her parents. But despite having 15 siblings the model said she was paid a lot of attention. Growing up in a crowded house is what probably helped the beauty from standing out from the crowd in her career. She is from New York, where she currently resides and works on her career.

Melinda Melrose started her modeling career early and travelled all over the world living her best life. From France to Thailand, Melinda got what she wanted when she wanted it. Maybe that was the reason she was cast in Too Hot to Handle, to bring some of her sass. But despite being a show about single people trying to keep their hands to themselves, Melinda was not and is not single. For those wondering, we have got all the details about her boyfriend.

Melinda Melrose is Dating Her Boyfriend Darius Goodworth in 2021

melinda-melrose-boyfriend-2021Melinda Melrose is dating her boyfriend Darius Goodworth in 2021. They have been together for over 7 years.
Image Source: Darius Goodworth Instagram

In most cases when a contestant on a dating reality show goes into the show, still in a relationship, they are most likely cheating on their partners. Or sometimes they just breakup for the duration of the filming, but in Melinda’s case, that was not true. Despite her saying, “If this is what love feels like, I don’t ever want to lose it,” in the Too Hot to Handle season 2 trailer, she has been in a relationship for over seven years with her boyfriend Darius Goodworth in 2021.

They were together before she went into filming the show back in January. And they are still together after she returned from the Turks and Caicos Islands. It appears the couple put their relationship on hold so Melinda could go and boost her career further with an appearance in the hit Netflix show. But despite what will transpire in the show, the lovebirds are still together.

Melinda Melrose Boyfriend 2021 – Dating for Over 7 Years

Melinda Melrose is currently dating her boyfriend Darius Goodworth for over 7 years. While the exact date of their relationship is not clear, we know the first time Melinda posted about their relationship She shared a picture of the couple on 16 December 2014 with the caption, “??It doesn’t matter what is in front of her because of what is behind her? #Body and #soul.”

Around the same time Darius also started posting about the couple on his Instagram page. While Melinda has shied away from posting any pictures with her boyfriend, expect for pictures of herself from vacations they took together, Darius’ page is where it is all happening. There are pictures of the lovebirds going pant less in the subway to videos of the couple reenacting “this is Sparta” scene from the movie 300.

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Melinda’s boyfriend Darius Goodworth is not in the world of show business. While he does have a body of a model and appears to have done some photo work in the past, Darius is a healthcare worker. He recently became a registered Nurse, after graduating with a BSN degree from State University of New York. Darius recently started working as a RN in an emergency room in New York.

The Too Hot to Handle contestant was all praises for her boyfriend getting his first experience as an RN. More recently Darius shared a picture, in his Instagram story, of the duo having a fun day out. So, it appears despite being on a relationship and dating centered show, Melinda and her boyfriend are still in a relationship.

Melinda Melrose is a Contestant in Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle Season 2

Too Hot to Handle is a Netflix dating game show where contestants are places in a villa in a picturesque location where they can win $100,000 in prize money. All they have to do is keep their hands off each other and not pleasure yourself over a 30 day period. But with beautiful people locked in a beautiful location, some touching and attraction is bound to happen.

The first season of Too Hot to Handle was a massive success for Netflix, sitting at the number 1 spot in different countries. While there were doubts as to what the show really wanted to be, at the end of the day Netflix saw the benefit in bringing back the show for two more seasons with season 2 starting to roll cameras in 2021.

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Melinda Melrose was cast as one of the contestants in the second season of the show. She described herself as a firecracker during the promotion of the show and said she she was going into the retreat as “a predator on the hunt, with the boys in her sights.” It will be interesting to see if the Melinda makes it till the end of the 30 days.

All eight episodes of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle will be available for streaming on 23 June 2021.

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