Melissa Barrera’s Husband: Who Is the Keep Breathing Actress’ Spouse in 2022? Is She Married? Everything Explained!

Melissa Barrera is currently married to her husband Paco Zazueta. She is one of the major cast on Netflix’s survival drama limited series, Keep Breathing. Following the actor’s appearance in the show, viewers are interested in learning more about Melissa Barrera, including her spouse. Well, we have covered every aspect of her husband in this article.

You might want to get used to hearing Melissa Barrera‘s name if you don’t already. Melissa Barrera Martnez (born on July 4, 1990) is a Mexican actress and singer who is mostly known for her role as Sam Carpenter, the main character in the Scream (2022) reboot, also known as Scream 5, and will repeat the role in Scream 6 (2023).

Melissa made her acting debut in the Netflix series Club de Cuervos (2017) and the telenovelas Siempre tuya Acapulco (2013) and Tanto amor (2015). Because of her leading part in the drama series Vida (2018–2020), she received more recognition.

Melissa was also seen recently on Netflix‘s series, Keep Breathing which premiered on July 28, 2022. After the appearance of Melissa in the series, fans are curious to learn more information about Melissa including her husband. Well, here’s everything we have on Melissa’s husband!

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Melissa Barrera’s Husband: The 32-Year-Old Actress Is Currently Married to Paco Zazueta; How Did the Couple Meet?

Melissa Barrera (@melissabarreram) was recently seen on Netflix’s survival drama limited series, Keep Breathing, which premiered on July 28, 2022, and the series consisted of six episodes. Keep Breathing is a straightforward survivalist thriller from Netflix that combines a number of flashbacks with a young woman trying to survive in the wilderness.

In the series, Keep Breathing, 32-year-old Barrera plays Liv, a chilly, career-focused New York lawyer who must struggle to survive against the elements and her own previous traumas.

The actress claims the role was extremely hard and quickly brought her to the brink of weariness, but she persisted and incorporated that in her performance, which she also filled with characteristics from her younger self.

Well, after the series premiered on Netflix, fans are curious to know more information about Melissa including her personal life. So, let’s talk about Melissa’s marital status!

After marrying Melissa Barrera, a well-known Mexican actress and singer, Paco Zazueta (@xavierzazuetaoficial), a musician and businessman, gained fame. A few of his well-known songs include Yate Perdi La Fe, Mellissa, and Solo Con Verte. Additionally, he appeared in the reality program La Academia.

The well-known businessman who started the Carnes Zazueta butcher shop is his father. It’s kind of a family affair, and Paco gives his dad an additional set of hands to handle the company when he’s not busy with his music. So, basically, after 2011, Paco started playing music professionally.

The pair originally connected on the set of the Mexican reality series La Academia, where they quickly fell in love. Eight years of dating later, the pair tied the knot in February 2019. Additionally, Melissa Barrera’s spouse is a musician who passionately supports her vocation.

The couple frequently posts photos from their travels, getaways, and attendance at events. They frequently use romantic captions and love emoticons in their posts. Melissa, for instance, posted a sweet picture of herself and her spouse on their second wedding anniversary. And based on the caption, it appears like they still have a very long way to go.

The married couple, on the other hand, has never gotten a kid. They could be considering having a kid, though, as they have been married for three years. All we can do right now is wait for good news.

Nevertheless, Melissa Barrera and her hubby have a nice and happy existence as a result of her income. Her parents must also be quite pleased with her profession. In the days to come, let’s hope she keeps on finding success.

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