Melissa Fumero’s Weight Gain: Blockbuster Appearance on Netflix Explained!

Melissa Fumero’s weight gain appearance has been a hot topic since the release of Blockbuster. People believe the Netflix cast looks way too heavier in the series. While the 40-year-old actress has yet to speak on the topic, we believe Melissa Fumero still has not gotten rid of the extra pounds she gained after the birth of her second baby in 2020.

Netflix released all ten episodes of the new workplace comedy titled Blockbuster set against the backdrop of — you guessed it! — America’s last Blockbuster Video. At its heart is Randall Park‘s Timmy, a man-child determined to keep the former retail giant’s sole remaining location open for as long as possible.

Timmy, a child of divorce, has spent most of his life working for the video rental chain — we’re told he’s been there since the seventh grade and eventually rose to the position of store manager — and he won’t give up easily. However, he is frequently distracted by his long-held crush on former classmate Eliza (Brooklyn Nine-Melissa Nine‘s Melissa Fumero), a Harvard dropout whose own life did not go as planned. She had a family at a young age, and her marriage failed.

Lizzy recently started working at Blockbuster and appears to have feelings for her old pal Timmy, but it’s unclear in Episode 1 whether she’s aware of those feelings (or, at the very least, what to make of them).

Similarly, the Lizzy actress, Melissa, has been in the spotlight due to her appearance in the series, in which she appears a little different, a little heavier, than she used to be. As a result, many people are curious about her current weight gain transformation and wonder if she is pregnant again.

Melissa Fumero’s Weight Gain: The Blockbuster Cast Has Probably Yet to Lose Extra Pounds She Gained After the Birth of Her Second Baby!

Melissa Fumero (@melissafumero) is not pregnant again. There’s no confirmed news on how her body has changed significantly but we believe she has been the same since the birth of her second baby in 2020. Yes, women gain weight during their postpartum phase. However, it seems like the Blockbuster cast accepts the size of her body rather than trying to get back in shape.

Many of her fans criticized her appearance and suggested losing some weight. She clearly felt the pressure and decided to be candid about it on Twitter. Fumero’s encouraging tweetstorm began with a retweet of another woman’s thoughts on weight gain and how she lose weight after having a baby.

While we live in a time when women are celebrating body diversity and definitions of beauty are being challenged almost daily, we are also still stuck in a world where a mother’s worth is defined by how quickly the weight gain starts before giving birth. The pressure to lose baby weight is noticeable, and it’s a lot to put on someone who has literally grown another human inside herself.

Melissa kept going, encouraging a new mother to be gentle with herself. She also signaled approval and agreed with a woman who stated that no one is required to lose weight, which is perfectly fine. She also sent a message of encouragement to a woman who is tired of having her stretch marks pointed out due to weight gain.

Fumero isn’t the first actress to discuss gaining weight during pregnancy and then losing it. Blake Lively previously revealed how long it took her to lose her baby weight following the birth of her daughter. She said,

Turns out you can’t lose the 61 lbs you gained during pregnancy by just scrolling through Instagram [sic] and wondering why you don’t look like all the bikini models. Thanks, @donsaladino for kicking my A double S into shape. 10 months to gain, 14 months to lose. Feeling very proud.

Melissa Fumero is used to playing goody-two-shoes detective Amy Santiago on Fox‘s hit comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but that didn’t prepare her for the long hours she had to put in while pregnant with her son. Later, the actress, revealed, “My ankles would get really swollen,” to PEOPLE while attending the season 3 premiere of David Fumero‘s Starz show Power.

The actress previously gained weight while filming season 3 of the Fox-to-NBC sitcom while expecting her first child. Melissa kept her growing stomach hidden throughout the shoot rather than incorporating it into the plot. Additionally, Melissa admitted that she now knows why pregnant actresses typically take the final month of their pregnancies off. She explained,

It’s hard to think about anything other than being pregnant when you’re that pregnant, adding that it only makes it more difficult to remember lines and what you’re doing in the scene.

Although Melissa jokes that she barely made it through the final few episodes of the third season, her acting didn’t seem to suffer at all during those scenes. She added, “I think every actress who’s done it is incredible, I feel like I barely made it.” Her husband, on the other hand, spoke about the challenges (and joys!) of parenting a newborn.

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