Is Michelle Ackerley’s Weight Loss Due to Illness? – Michelle Ackerley has recently undergone a weight loss as evidenced by her latest social media posts. Many people believe her previous health issue, particularly endometriosis, is to blame but the BBC presenter has yet to reveal the true cause.

Michelle Ackerley is an English journalist and television presenter best known for her work on BBC shows such as Watchdog and The One Show. She began her radio career at All FM 96.9 in Manchester before joining the BBC in 2005 as a program maker. Furthermore, she has been co-presenting the CBBC series, All Over the Place, since 2013.

Recently, Michelle Ackerley has amazed viewers with her stunning appearance. Many claimed she seemed completely different from what she used to be with her lean physique. As a result, they’re curious to know if she has undergone a weight loss journey to maintain her health. Well, here is what we’ve discovered about her transformation.

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Michelle Ackerley’s Weight Loss Might Be Because of Endometriosis!

When you compare images of Michelle Ackerley‘s (@michelle_ackerley) weight loss journey before and after, you won’t recognize the same girl. She has changed dramatically from her initial public appearance to her most recent social media photos. Her physical appearance has undergone a significant alteration.

People were drawn to her remarkable ability, but few realized she was losing weight. We can’t identify what kind of weight loss it is because most people are likely overweight, but we can’t be certain because this is difficult to determine. However, it appears that he has lost a large amount of weight as compared to earlier.

Michelle Ackerley's latest appearance after weight loss. celebsindepth.comMichelle Ackerley’s latest appearance after weight loss. 
Image Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, some people believe Michelle Ackerley’s previous health problems could be the reason behind her weight loss transformation. If you’re not aware, her twenties couldn’t have been more different as she covertly suffered serious health issues. The cheery TV anchor spent most of her childhood suffering from endometriosis, a painful ailment in which the uterine lining begins to grow in other locations in the body.

However, when she began hormone treatment for it, she had excruciating menopausal symptoms at the age of 24. At the time, she had just started her first job in production at the BBC and felt she couldn’t communicate her feelings with close friends or colleagues. The star explained,

I had lots of responsibility, and it was really exciting, but I remember sitting at my desk and occasionally I’d get this wave of heat, like someone had thrust a hot water bottle onto my chest. It started happening during meetings and phone conversations and I tried to fake it as best I could – I felt so embarrassed.

She continued,

I didn’t even tell my friends what was happening. I was so busy trying to be this bubbly, positive person while physically and mentally my body was crumbling. Often, I would go to the toilet and just stand in the cubicle trying to get myself together. I even put a fake smile on my face in front of the mirror to see if that helped.

However, Michelle Ackerley is currently regarded as being in good health and actively interested in her career. She works with her mother, Mavis Ackerley, on the BBC One show, Dirty Rotten Scammers, which targets online criminality. It’s worth noting that both Mavis and Mitchelle have been hacked and had their personal information released, which inspired them to launch the podcast to raise awareness about the problem.

Michelle Ackerley Joins Morning Live Along With Helen Skelton!

According to the BBC, Helen Skelton and Michelle Ackerley will become permanent hosts for the show, Morning Live, beginning January 2nd. They will switch places with Gethin Jones every Monday through Wednesday. Furthermore, Kym Marsh will present on Thursdays.

Helen Skelton and Michelle Ackerley are all set to join BBC's Morning Live. celebsindepth.comHelen Skelton and Michelle Ackerley are all set to join BBC’s Morning Live.
Image Source: BBC

As previously announced, the live magazine midday show, which is filmed in Manchester, will increase its daily running time from 45 to 75 minutes. Later, Michelle Ackerley stated, “I am delighted to join Helen as part of the regular Morning Live line-up. I have absolutely loved being a part of the show so far, which we know can make a real difference to people’s lives.” She continued,

I’m looking forward to keeping our audiences company in the mornings and doing that alongside friends. I’ve known Geth and Helen for a long time now and believe or not, Helen and I used to flat share back in the day! To do this all in my home town of Manchester is a dream!

In addition, the show, produced by BBC Studios Factual Entertainment, just won Best Factual Series at the RTS North West Awards. It attracts up to 1.4 million viewers per day, with an average of 1.2 million.