Who Is Milan Lucic’s Girlfriend? Meet Brittany Carnegie!

Milan Lucic and his girlfriend-turned-wife, Brittany Carnegie, have been married since 2012. The couple were together for more than five years before getting married. Recently, there has been news that he assaulted his wife. Well, let’s know it in detail.

Milan Lucic is a Canadian professional ice hockey player for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League. He started his career by playing minor hockey in Vancouver but nearly quit the sport after being passed up in the 2003 WHL Bantam Draft. Recently, he has been in the news after he has been facing assault and battery charges. Why is he being assaulted?

Milan is facing assault and battery charges after his arrest in the city of Boston following a domestic incident with his partner, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office. After the news started flooding his team gave a statement and said that the Boston Bruins were aware of the situation involving Milan Lucic and he is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the team.

After the news started flooding all over the internet, people have been curious to know about Milan’s girlfriend. In this article, we will be talking about his love life and what really happened.

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Milan Lucic Was Recently Arrested for Assaulting His Girlfriend-Turned-Wife, Brittany Carnegie!

In 2012, Milan Lucic (@milan.lucic.17) married his college girlfriend, Brittany Carnegie. Currently, there has been news all over the internet that Milan has been assaulting his wife for a long time and that he is under investigation. The Milan team also said that they would be providing everything needed for his family, and they were aware of this.

Milan Lucic and his girlfriend-tuned-wife Brittany Carnegie are parents of 3. celebsindepth.comMilan Lucic and his girlfriend-tuned-wife Brittany Carnegie are parents of 3.
Image source: Instagram

Milan and his relationship with his girlfriend-turned-wife have generated a lot of discussion lately. Milan, who was not very active on social media, doesn’t seem to post about his girlfriend lately, and this has made people wonder about their current relationship since early 2022.

However, the confusion started making sense when the news regarding Milan assaulting his Brittany Carnegie started flooding the internet. The incident took place at 1:04 a.m. on November 18, when an officer responded to a radio call for a report of assault and battery at a waterfront apartment building located along Battery Street in North End.

What Really Happened Between Milan Lucic and Brittany Carnegie?

When the woman was asked to identify herself, she revealed herself and claimed to be Milan Lucic‘s wife. After the incident, nobody seemed to be expecting them to be together, and people called Britanny his ex-girlfriend. Soon when his team was asked about this situation they said;

The Boston Bruins are aware of the situation involving Milan Lucic Friday evening. Milan is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the team. The organization takes these matters very seriously, and we will work with the Lucic family to provide any support and assistance they may need. 

Well, this is not the first time Milan has been investigated in a woman’s case. In 2011 was questioned by police after witnesses reported him yelling at a woman as she sobbed on the ground. He was also accused of throwing the victim’s purse and a shoe at her. At that time, he was highly intoxicated and hostile when officers questioned him, and the case was said to be solved with some settlement.

Milan Lucic got married to Brittany Carnegie Lucic in 2012. celebsindepth.comMilan Lucic got married to Brittany Carnegie Lucic in 2012.
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In 2012, Milan married his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Carnegie Lucic. The couple has been together for a long time. There is no confirmed news regarding how the couple met, but people say that they were sweethearts from their college days. Some of the fans online also claimed that they started dating in 2008.