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Born in Sydney, Australia, Mojean Aria first began taking acting lessons at just 6 years old. Following his enrollment at NIDA at 14, he won a scholarship to The McDonald College.

The actor’s first lead role in a feature film came with Cross Life (2007) which premiered at the Sydney Film Festival. He eventually moved to Los Angeles to build his career.

Mojean Aria won the 2017 Heath Ledger Scholarship award

'See' star Mojean Aria was awarded the Heath Ledger Scholarship in 2017.

Mojean Aria was awarded the Heath Ledger Scholarship in 2017.
Source: GQ Australia

Aria received the 9th Annual Heath Ledger Scholarship award on 1st June 2017 at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood. The award is created by the non-profit organization Australians in Film. Funded by Ledger’s family in memory of the late actor, it honors emerging young talents from Australia.

The actor delivered an emotional acceptance speech, bringing tears to the eyes of the audience. He thanked his Iranian mom as well as Heath Ledger‘s family.

Winning the scholarship meant “everything” for the young actor. Aria told Fairfax media, “When you’re a young actor in Australia and you’re asked who would you like to be like, that’s who you want to be like.”

Mojean added, “Heath was ahead of his time, he was vulnerable and experimenting with acting, he was a complete chameleon, a whole new kind of actor. He always improved, with each film he did, and you can’t say that about many actors.”

'See' star Mojean Aria with Meryl Streep at an award ceremony.

Mojean Aria with Meryl Streep at an award ceremony.
Source: Mojean Aria Instagram

The actor claims he “freaked out” following the realization he actually won the scholarship. He acknowledged the support of his brothers Joel and Nash Edgerton and many others in his journey. “I knew it was possible because I’d been a finalist before and there were a lot of well-known people who have been great to me.”

Aria expressed his appreciation for the Heath Ledger family and their effort to give back to young people, the action which deeply moved him. “There were so many emotions running through me at once.”

The actor says he can’t thank his mother enough for her sacrifices

'See' star Mojean Aria's mother has always been a big part of his career as an actor.

Mojean Aria’s mother is a big part of his career as an actor.
Source: IMDb

Aria’s parents divorced when he was merely six years old. Subsequently, his 12 years older brother left home early. The actor was raised without his father while his mother took upon the entire responsibility on her own. The two of them lived at a hotel where his mom had an office.

With a childhood like his, Mojean says he had a lot of incredible adventures by himself which helped him grow up to become independent.

One day Mojean’s mom received a note from a young schoolteacher who wanted to pursue a career in acting. She told her she saw something special in her son with attributes best suited to an actor.

'See' actor Mojean Aria's mom kickstarted his acting career.

Aria’s mom kickstarted his acting career.
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To the credit of Aria’s mother, she heeded the teacher’s advice and enrolled him in one of the best acting schools in entire Australia named NIDA. The school boasts graduates like Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, and several others.

The actor familiarized himself with acting at a very young age and subsequently found himself a home on stage. To add up, he loves connecting with characters and is fascinated by the cultures of different groups of people.

The actor felt like an outsider growing up in Australia

Mojean Aria did not feel at home in Australia.

Mojean did not feel at home in Australia.
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The son of Iranian refugees, Aria recalls feeling like an outsider during his childhood.

“I was always told Mojean Aria, that name isn’t representative of being Australian, that was a fear I always had.”

Aria says he didn’t see anyone who had a name like his on Australian television nor any famous Australian actor carried his name. He always knew he had to come to the US to break in since Australia wasn’t available to him.

Mojean Aria is starring in the drama series ‘See’

Mojean Aria is playing the role of Gether Bax in the American drama series See produced for Apple TV+. Written by Steven Knight and directed by Francis Lawrence, the series tells the story of the post-apocalyptic world 600 years into the future where humanity has lost the ability of sight.

The show displays the society’s effort to interact and survive as they manage to create a new community. Everyone appears to be in harmony until the wife of blind warrior Baba Voss (Jason Momoa) gives birth to a set of twins who can see.

Mojean Aria with his 'See' co-star Jason Momoa.

Mojean Aria with his ‘See’ co-star Jason Momoa.
Source: Mojean Aria Instagram

The words quickly fall into the ears of a clinical queen who intends to do whatever it takes to get her hands on the kids. Subsequently, Voss strives to protect his children as he rallies his troops against the queen.

See releases on 1st November 2019.

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