Molly Smith Is Transparent About Her Plastic Surgery, Including Boob Job – Molly Smith is really open about her plastic surgery procedures, especially her boob job. Other than that, she seems to have had botox and lip fillers. However, she has revealed she didn’t go for botox. She was trolled for having small boobs, but now she feels more comfortable.

Molly Smith is a well-known personality, especially a reality star, who has appeared on the show Love Island, and now on Love Island: All Stars which debuted on January 15, 2024. It is available for free streaming on ITVX in the UK and Peacock in the United States. The second series of was produced by ITV, bringing back the islanders from the villa’s history. The show will feature veteran islanders from previous seasons of Love Island UK.

With the appearance of Molly Smith on the show, her relationship with her partner Callum is the most talked-about thing. However, attention has shifted from her love life to her beauty, and fans have been wondering and speculating about her plastic surgery. Fans are wondering what kind of different cosmetic procedures she has had.

Other Than Boob Jobs Molly Smith’s Plastic Surgery Includes Botox and Lip Fillers

You might have seen Molly Smith (@mollysmith19) now for almost 4 years on screen, and she has undergone a lot of transformation with the help of plastic surgery procedures. And the reality star is also open about the procedures she has had. You might recall the time when she revealed having a boob job. But fans believe that until today, she might have done many more.

Molly received a breast augmentation operation with Transform Hospital Group in November 2021. The former Love Island contestant was the target of vicious trolls who body-shamed her for having smaller breasts. She posed in the mirror, showing off the small string number that barely concealed her goods. The reality TV actress wore the swimsuit with an orange crochet arm cover and an orange scarf over her head. Molly Smith let her hair hang loose in beachy waves and finished her outfit with a pair of sliders before posing for a mirror selfie.

Molly Smith has denied having Botox. celebsindepth.comMolly Smith has denied having Botox.
Source: Instagram

This is not the first time she has been suspected of having plastic surgery. Back in 2020, she was asked by several fans if she had had any plastic surgery. She responded to comments about her body by claiming surgery was not for her. She stated at the time, “No, I have never had any surgery, cosmetic surgery, or anything. There is nothing against people who do, but I personally do not want it.”

Other than boob job, Molly Smith has had lip fillers to make it look a bit bigger, and there are speculations that she might have had botox too. When asked about it, she stated that she has never had Botox before, not because she is opposed to it, but because she is too terrified! Molly continued,

I’ve never had Botox or anything like that. And she added that she is not against it, and I believe that if people want it done, that’s OK; it’s just not for her.

She added that the idea of getting injections in her face worries her; she has already had a spot on her lip, which was terrible enough. Molly Smith shared on Instagram ahead of Love Island: All Stars that she is receiving a tooth transformation for her second stint on the island.

Happiness looks good on me,” Molly commented in a photo taken just a week before the show began, tagging a dentist who had previously tweeted a video of Molly receiving veneers. However, other than that, Molly Smith has not revealed any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures.

Molly Smith Feel More Comfortable After Having a Job

Molly Smith has already spoken openly about getting cosmetic surgery, and while she does not actively promote it, she would never shy away from discussing the work she has done. Denying other plastic surgery, she stated of a previous boob job, saying; It’s something that I’d always wanted to do, but I could never find the right time.

Molly Smith had a boob job in October 2021. celebsindepth.comMolly Smith had a boob job in October 2021.
Source: Instagram

She underwent breast augmentation surgery with Transform Hospital Group in November 2021. She was targeted by cruel trolls who body-shamed her for having smaller breasts. She posed in the mirror, displaying the little string number that barely disguised her assets. The reality TV star paired the swimsuit with an orange crochet arm cover and an orange scarf over her head. She let her hair flow loose in beachy waves and finished her look with a pair of sliders before taking a mirror selfie.

When asked about her boob job, she went on to say that she now feels much more secure in her clothes and even in her career, as she used to model a lot of lingerie and not fill it out, which she found embarrassing. It’s made her feel so much better, and now she wishes she had done it sooner.