Mrs Netta’s Husband, Charles’ Wikipedia: Age, Net Worth – Mrs. Netta’s husband’s name is Charles, and he seems to be very obsessed with her wife. Neither Netta nor her husband are listed on Wikipedia yet, but their vlogs seem to be quite interesting. Her husband’s age, net worth is unknown, but their news has been published in Forbes, and they have lived a quite luxurious life in Alabama since 2020.

Mrs. Netta is a musician and social media star who’s best known for her catchphrase, Charles, your lunch is ready! which she uses to call her husband at the table. She started gaining fame for her hilarious skits, cooking videos, and catchy songs. Recently, she has been in the news after she visited Birmingham’s best black-owned restaurant. Who was she with?

She visited Birmingham’s best black-owned restaurant with her husband, Charles. The couple posted about their restaurant, and they first stopped at Yo Mama’s Restaurant for a plate of chicken and waffles. People seems to love how honestly she and her husband responded to the taste of food, and in the video, the head owner and head chef Kristal Bryant are also seen.

After the video started flooding all over the internet, people started getting curious to know more about her personal life. In this article, we will be talking about her personal life, dating history, and who she is married to. To learn more about her husband, read this article.

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Mrs. Netta Has a Husband Named Charles

Mrs. Netta (@mrsnettaandcharles) and her husband, Charles, real identities or full names have not been disclosed yet. The details are not yet listed on Wikipedia, but people think that they are quite interesting and that their names should be included on Wikipedia and Forbes. People were guessing their net worth to be $3 million, but the news has not been confirmed. They lived a very normal life until 2020, and after becoming a renowned name, they are living a luxurious life.

Mrs. Netta and her husband Charles have two children, three grandchildren. Mrs. Netta and her husband Charles have two children, three grandchildren.
Source: Instagram

Many people love watching Mrs. Netta and her husband’s daily life vlogs. The last appearance they made was on January 27, 2024, at Chit Chat in Atlanta. She was seen in a baby pink piece where his husband Charles was wearing a casual white t-shirt, paired with black ripped jeans.

The two seem to be very happy with each other, and during the party in Atlanta, many people were very excited and happy to meet them. They got married after dating for more than five years, and they are believed to have been together for more than 30 years.

Netta and her husband, Charles, are very popular, but their names are not yet listed on Wikipedia. However, their daily vlogs were uploaded to their Instagram and TikTok accounts. This year, 2024, seems to be a very happy year for them because of her catchphrase, Charles, your lunch is ready! The video of her catchphrase was released on January 9, 2020, through her YouTube channel, and it has more than 6.9K likes.

Mrs. Netta’s Husband’s Wikipedia, Age Details

Neither Netta nor her husband are listed on Wikipedia yet, and their age is also unknown. Talking about Mrs. Netta‘s and her family’s lives, they have not talked much about their past but have mentioned that they fell in love when they were teenagers. Together, they have two children, a son, and a daughter, and they live together with their family in Alabama.

Mrs. Netta and her husband fell in love when they were a teenager. Mrs. Netta and her husband fell in love when they were a teenager.
Source: Instagram

Many rumors explain why Neta and her husband are not listed on Wikipedia. While some people think that they are not worth the hype, others say that they are faking it on camera. Well, the rumors might not be true, and we hope her name will soon be heard on Wikipedia. Their full name is not known yet, and they are believed not to be from Alabama originally.

Mrs. Netta and her husband began their career in 2021 by creating TikTok and Instagram accounts under the couple’s names. They soon started gaining fame because of her prank videos and the argument video that she used to do with her husband. Their monthly income and expenses are still unknown, but they claim to live an expensive lifestyle.

Mrs. Netta Husband’s Net Worth as per Forbes

There is no specific information on what Mrs. Netta and her husband Charles‘s age is, but they are already grandparents, so people were guessing that they were in their 50s. However, she celebrates her birthday on June 3, and she avoids telling people her real ideas. Her family was said to be from a musical background, from which she learned to play various instruments.

Her husband’s net worth is unknown, but she has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Her name has not been listed on Forbes yet, but people say that she is very rich and that she should get her name listed on the page. As for her salary, it is estimated that she earns more than $47,000 per year.