Who Is Queen Naija Dating? Still Together With Her Husband (Boyfriend), Clarence? Baby Father

celebsindepth.com – Queen Naija is happily dating her boyfriend, Clarence White. They started dating in 2018, and he is the father of her second child. They are still together. She was married to her husband, Chris Sails, in 2015 and had a son together, but they divorced in 2017. She now lives happily with her second kid father, White.

Queen Naija is an American singer and television personality from Ypsilanti, Michigan. Her career took off with her self-released song Medicine in 2017, which reached the top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100 in 2018. Her self-titled EP, published in 2018, debuted at number 26 on the Billboard 200, with three platinum-certified singles from the RIAA. In 2020, her debut album, Missunderstood, debuted at number nine on the Billboard 200 chart. She continues to make waves in the entertainment business, and media presence.

Queen Naija rose to prominence through her involvement in the entertainment industry, and she has a huge fan following. Several people have a crush on her, and several of her fans wonder about her boyfriend and also about her husband if she is married. A further question is regarding her children and baby father. So let us get into detail about whether she is dating anyone.

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Queen Naija Started Dating Her Boyfriend, Clarence White, Since 2017, and Are Still Together

Queen Naija (@queennaija) is in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Clarence White (@clarencenyc). Naija and Clarence have been dating since 2018, and they’ve shown that they’re all about sharing their love with fans. Most of their social media posts are regarding their love lives, and they seem to be very close to one another.

Dating her boyfriend, Clarence White, she has a happy family with her children. Her boyfriend is the father of her second son. He is the father of Queen Naija’s youngest son. In January 2020, Queen and Clarence welcomed their child, a son named Legend Lorenzo. Their joy was clear as they documented their path to parenthood on social media, allowing people to see their enthusiasm and happiness.

Queen Naija and her boyfriend, Clarence White, spend time together. celebsindepth.comQueen Naija and her boyfriend, Clarence White, spend time together.
Source: Instagram

Queen Naija seems to be really happy with her dating life. The couple has been seeing each other romantically in almost four years. Clarence is an Instagram sensation as well as a businessman. He owns and operates the clothing firm Designed By White. It blended haute couture with streetwear style. Not to mention that Clarence is also a successful YouTube personality, with over 2.3 million subscribers.

Recently, she shared a post with her boyfriend, Clarence White, and her children. They had been sharing joyful moments since dating in 2018. Their relationship has not been without obstacles. They first gained prominence as a pair through their popular YouTube channel, where they disclosed sensitive information about their lives.

There were even claims that she cheated on her ex-husband with Clarence, but they are still going strong in their relationship. Throughout their relationship, Queen Naija devoted herself to Clarence, honoring his birthday and selecting meaningful gifts for him. Despite being in a relationship for nearly three years, they have not yet married.

Queen Naija Was Married to Her Husband, Christopher Sails

Few people might be aware that Queen Naija is a married woman. She had a wedding with her high school love, Christopher Sails Sr (@isthatchrissails), and they had a kid named Christopher JeremiahCJSails. They married when she was 19 years old and launched their YouTube channel “Chris and Queen” in 2016. The station aired popular song covers, remixes, pair challenges, daily vlogs, and pranks. Their subscriber count swiftly increased, reaching over 2.3 million in just one year.

However, their relationship suffered after Chris’s liaison with another lady became public. Queen Naija filed for divorce, officially terminating their marriage in November 2017. She turned over their YouTube channel to Sails, who renamed it “Chris Sails.” In August 2018, she confirmed her dating with Clarence White, her long-term dating partner.

Meet Queen Naija’s Kid, Father Chris Sails, and Clarence White

Queen Naija has two children with her 2 different child parents: Chris Jr, whom she shares with her ex-husband Chris Sails, and Legend Lorenzo, whom she shares with her boyfriend Clarence White. Both children live with Queen Naija and Clarence in Atlanta.

She is a mother of two, recounted how she started her motherhood journey and married at the age of 19. She had a child with her ex, Chris Sails, and married him at the time. However, they split, and it was later revealed that he had been unfaithful during their marriage.

Queen Naija now lives happily with her children and partner. celebsindepth.comQueen Naija now lives happily with her children and partner.
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The couple has a son, Chris Sails Jr., who was born in 2015. During the podcast episode, Naija explained that after that relationship ended, she moved directly into another with her current and long-term lover, Clarence White. She now lives happily with her children and her current boyfriend.