Owen Nurm Doesn’t Have a Girlfriend After Breaking up With Aquavena

celebsindepth.com – Owen Nurm and his ex-girlfriend Aquavena’s breakup has been a hot discussion topic for a long time. And now he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Owen has recently explained why he broke up with his ex-girlfriend and said that he loves to share his love life and gain followers. The couple dated for a few months, but they broke up because they were not compatible.

David Owen Nurminen, better known as Owen Nurm, is a digital creator who has been gaining fame because of his TikTok videos. Recently, he has been in the news after he made an apology video regarding his past relationship. Is he dating someone? Who was his ex-girlfriend?

Owen asked for an apology for the things that have happened on social media regarding his past relationship. In the video, he said that he was not sorry for making a video involving his relationships. He thanks his Lord for surrounding him with good people and for blessing everyone with a good life. People seemed to respect his apology, and some people started talking about his love life.

People are curious to know more about Nurm’s love life, personal life, and what he is currently doing. In this article, we will talk about the reason why he broke up with his girlfriend and if he is dating someone or not. To learn more about Owen’s love life, read this article.

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Owen Nurm Broke up With His Ex-girlfriend, Aquavena, and Is Single

Owen Nurm (@davidnurminen) and his ex-girlfriend Aquavena have recently broke up. Owen has explained why he broke up with his ex-girlfriend by making a video and posting it on his TikTok. Although he thinks his ex-girlfriend is an amazing person, he doesn’t think that they can make their relationship good.

On January 19, 2024, Owen posted a video update about his love life. In the video, Owen said that his girlfriend is no longer his girlfriend now because she has become his ex-girlfriend, and they broke up at the end of the day. Love doesn’t matter, compatibility does, and both of them realize that they were not made for each other.

Owen Nurm is currently single. celebsindepth.comOwen Nurm is currently single.
Source: Instagram

Owen Nurm explained that they had been dating for a few months but it was hard because they were very different from each other. He mentioned that they didn’t want to break up, but their early-month relationship was very hard, and they were aware that it was getting harder. He also suggested to people that no matter if you find an attractive person or how much you love the person, it is not worth it to be together if you are not compatible. He also stated;

My ex now is a fantastic person. you can say bad things about her i hope for the absolute world for her. Like literally, good family, good life and everything. I can’t say bad about her other than we are not compatible. She kind of solves that her definition of love is that two people fight for either love but mine is different.

Owen Nurm Has Broken the Silence Regarding His Relationship

After the video went viral, Owen Nurm fans started talking about the matter. While one of the TikTok users said that the video was posted for money, Owen replied and said that posting for money is not a bad thing and doesn’t harm anyone. He also mentioned that he is happy to share his experience and gain followers and money through it, and he thanked his ex-girlfriend for doing the same thing.

Owen Nurm's ex-girlfreind name is Aquavena. celebsindepth.comOwen Nurm’s ex-girlfreind name is Aquavena.
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The video even made Nurm’s ex-girlfriend, Aquavena, talk about the matter. Aquavena made a TikTok video and said that he broke up with him over the text, and she doesn’t like how he has been publishing their love story all over TikTok. She also mentions that she wishes the best for Nurm, but she needs to protect her peace, so this is the last video she is making mentioning her perspective.

Meet Owen Nurm’s Ex-girlfriend, Aquavena

Talking about Aquavena‘s (@ervena_b) personal life, she is a pilot. Her real name is Ervena Bartles, and she has more than 26.1k followers on Instagram. She seems to travel a lot, and she is also an influencer on Instagram and TikTok. She has visited many countries, and she has a cat as her pet. There is not much information about her private life, but people seem curious to know if she is currently in a relationship or not.

Owen Nurm and his ex-girlfriend Aquavena have been a hot topic on TikTok, but they look like they are trying to move on in their lives. Well, respecting their choices, we think people should not interfere in their personal lives. Owen might have been single as of now, but there are also some rumors that after finding a new girlfriend, he broke up with Aquavena.