Ned’s Declassified Cast, Lindsey Shaw Pranked Being Pregnant; Reddit Update – There have been several rumors regarding Ned’s declassified cast member, Lindsey Shaw, being pregnant, which doesn’t seem to be true. Devon Werkheiser shared Shaw’s baby bump picture on Instagram, but later we came to know it was a prank. Several Reddit users and her fans have shown their anger regarding this fake news.

Scott Fellows, creator of The Fairly OddParents!, wrote Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, which aired on Nickelodeon from September 2004 to June 2007, and is also available on Netflix. In contrast to other live-action Nickelodeon services available at the time, it reveled in quick-paced, postmodern absurdist humor, featuring No Fourth Wall, no Laugh Track, and restricting every plot (sans the Grand Finale and one late-series segment dealing with parties) to the halls of (or, in one case, the morning journey to) James K. Polk Middle school.

One of the well-known cast members of Ned’s Declassified is Ned Bigby (Devon Werkheiser), who is the intelligent but Book Dumb protagonist, while tomboy JenniferMozeMosely (Lindsey Shaw) has her own tale that requires his help on the subject. Recently, cast member Lindsey Shaw has sparked pregnancy rumors over the internet, where her baby bump is shown, and Devon has also congratulated her. So is she pregnant? What have Reddit users said?

Rumors on Ned’s Declassified Cast, Lindsey Shaw, Being Pregnant

Lindsey Shaw (@ladymshawsters), who got famous as a result of Ned‘s Declassified, revealed her pregnancy news to her fans through Instagram. Yes, she shared a post along with another co-star from Declassified, Devon Werkheiser, revealing that she is pregnant and along with showing her baby bump. Soon, fans went crazy and started congratulating her.

Lindsey Shaw and Devon Werkheiser from Ned's declassified shared a post revealing pregnancy. celebsindepth.comLindsey Shaw and Devon Werkheiser from Ned’s declassified shared a post revealing pregnancy.
Source: Instagram

You don’t need any other proof other than pictures, as we could clearly notice Lindsey Shaw’s big stomach, which is obviously due to pregnancy. Lindsey co-star Devon posed in a post on Instagram Stories. The photograph showed the two posing together in the studio, both smiling at the camera. She looked stylish but carefree in a tight green dress that highlighted the curves of her figure. The television diva wore her long hair down with minimal makeup.

Many thought that Devon Werkehiser was the baby’s father, as they had a romantic relationship. Lindsey Shaw and Devon Werkehiser, who were best friends on-screen in Declassified, had a romantic relationship before the show concluded in 2007. They stayed together for more than a year after filming ended, and while they are now ex-partners, the two Nickelodeon stars are still friends. So fans assumed they might have gotten back together as a couple, resulting in Lindsey being pregnant.

The caption was also “Little Ned coming in 2024,” which was captioned by Devon. Fans undoubtedly had thoughts that they were welcoming their child. Fans were split on what the photo and caption signified. One user on Twitter, now known as X Commented on her pregency hint, saying,

Are they going to have a baby?

However, the truth was something else, and they pranked the fans. While Devon and Lindsay promised huge news, people predicted they’d become parents long before the cryptic announcement. It was just a prank done by Ned’s Declassified cast, Lindsey Shaw and Devon Werkehiser. And the actual truth is that Lindsey Shaw is not pregnant.

Fans and Reddit Users Are Angry at Lindsey Shaw for Faking Her Pregnancy

Fans were really happy to learn about Ned‘s declassified cast, Lindsey Shaw, being pregnant and even congratulated her on her showering love, but when they realized that the truth was that she was not pregnant and they were pranking, fans really got pissed off. Many of them took to Reddit to hold a discussion regarding this topic.

Lindsey Shaw and Devon Werkheiser have remained friends since Ned's declassification. celebsindepth.comLindsey Shaw and Devon Werkheiser have remained friends since Ned’s declassification.
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One user stated that she is quite tired of Devon and Lindsay acting like they are just friends. She added, We are physically watching them work through the issues that may be impeding their relationship until they emerge together and pregnant. Chile “I’m tired, one fan commented in reaction to a flirting video from their podcast, which they co-host with fellow Hollywood actor Daniel Curtis Lee, who plays Cookie on the program. Another Reddit user said:

And theirs, in particular, makes me cringe so hard… I’m not sure what it is, but whenever I see a tape or hear something about what they discussed, I have a visceral reaction. I was a major “Ned’s declassified” kid back then.

A third social media user said,

Can Lindsey and Devon just marry and have beautiful children? Then you can create Ned’s declassified parent survival guide.

Another added;

I can’t be with these folks. Attempting to capitalize on the success of a show that finished almost 15 years ago.

While many users in the Instagram comment section seem to be pissed off, many were unaware that they were playing with their fans emotions. Several users commented, saying, Can you stop playing with our feelings?