Nia Jax’s Current Weight After 48 Pounds of Weight Loss

Nia Jax has surprised her fans with her weight loss during a comeback in the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble. She has lost more than 48 pounds in six months. She realized that she first realized she should start focusing on her physical appearance after she attended her friend Flair’s wedding. The relationship seems to have worked for her. She currently weighs 272 pounds.

Savelina Fanene is an Australian-American professional wrestler who is currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Nia Jax. Recently, she has been in the news after Nia gave Shayna Baszler credit for taking out Ronda Rousey. Will Ronda never wrestle for WWE now?

Shayna Baszler and Nia will face off again the following week in an attempt to advance to the Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. Well, that seems to be good news for people but the good news has come along with a bad one. The 36-year-olf former UFC and WWE Champion, Ronda Rousey is reportedly leaving WWE after her SummerSlam defeat to Shayna. Many fans seem to be sad because of the news while Nia seems to be impressed by Shanya’s work.

After learning about the Nia Newxt face-off, people seem to want to know about her recent appearances. In this article, we will be talking about her weight loss, diet, and exercise regimen. To know more about how much she weighs, read this article.

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Nia Jax Has Made People Shocked Through Her Weight Loss!

People noticed Nia Jax‘s (@linafanene) weight loss on April 1, 2023, when she posted a picture in black leather pants with a matching black blazer. In the picture, she looks like a new person; her belly, legs, and even her face seem to have been changed. The picture was captioned: Not everybody fits on the roster, where people have commented all over her look.

Nia Jax has a strict weight loss diet and exercise routine. celebsindepth.comNia Jax has a strict weight loss diet and exercise routine.
Source: Instagram

If you know Nia’s career history, then you might have noticed that the wrestler was on a break for a year to take care of her mental health. Nia Jax, who returned in the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble, made her fans scream due to her appearance in a comeback. She seemed to have lost weight, and people were curious to know the actual reason behind her transformation.

The Internet started talking about her weight loss, and there were many rumors regarding her physical changes. Some people thought that she couldn’t take care of herself in a better way, which caused weight loss, and others said that she lost weight by following a strict routine of physical exercise and diet. Some of her fans were very worried if her weight loss had to do anything with her health or not.

How Much Weight Did Nia Jax Lose? What Was Her Weight Loss Exercise?

Later in April, when Nia Jax started posting about her workout in her story, everyone seemed to realize that her weight loss was not related to her health. She has really gained respect by utilizing her break to transform herself. She has lost more than 48 pounds in months, and the transformation has helped her gain a large number of fans.

Nia Jax is very focused on her fitness. celebsindepth.comNia Jax is very focused on her fitness.
Source: Instagram

Nia Jax has earlier revealed that she felt gross and uncomfortable at her friend Flair’s wedding, and decided to change her lifestyle and have a weight loss. Talking about Jax’s weight loss diet, she is said to have adopted a plant-based diet and cut out alcohol from her life. As per her weight loss exercise, she is guessed to have a minimum of 3 hours of workout routine in a day.

The  39-year-old Australian-American professional wrestler who is currently 272 pounds has mentioned that she feels better about herself after losing weight, and she will be taking care of her weight. She also thanked fellow wrestler Charlotte Flair for helping her and motivating her to lose weight.

Why Did Nia Jax Take a Break From Her Work?

Nia Jax asked WWE for time off to take care of her mental health in September, but she was released from her WWE contract on November 4. After a break from work, Nia has finally talked about her situation and said that she has been a lot happier with life since leaving WWE. Jax, who has received that she has regained her passion for the business once she got back into the ring for the Rumble, stated:

I stood my ground on things I knew they were not happy about. I chose not to get the vaccine. It was a personal choice.