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Nia Renee Hill is a great woman, and out of all the achievements in her career, one baffled the people world over. She is the great woman, who domesticated one of the most notorious comedians working today, Bill Burr.

There is a common saying in the world, behind every successful man, there is a woman, but this was not the case for Bill. Nia was not behind him; she was standing side by side with the man she married and made an honest person out of him. This is the person she is, someone who made the “never get married” guy into one of the shining examples of what happens when you do get married.

Nia Renee Hill with her hand on her hair.Nia Renee Hill is an actress and a comedian.
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But her life is not only based on the life she built with Bill, see more than the relationship — an educated woman who attended both fashion designing and acting classes, a member of the drama society and also a graduate of Emerson College. She is definitely a keeper for sure, and it was a long journey from the comedian before she reached where she is now.

Nia is Educated as Well as Funny

Nia got her high school education from Greenville School, where she got the tools to stand on her feet, and Emerson College was the place, which provided her with the path to use her tools and become successful. She finished her college education and went into acting classes, she also attended fashion classes, but it was acting and comedy, which took her imagination from an early age.

Acting was her first choice which led her to the appearance in her first recorded short film Carpool. The actress was also involved in comedy, and she performed at restaurants and cafes, which hosted standup comedies. She performed at events, and comedy was the reason she met Bill Burr, and the romance between the two ensued.

Meeting Bill Bur and Getting Married

Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr were married in 2013.Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr got married ion 2013.
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Nia was performing at a comedy show, and Bill Burr was present at the said show when the two met for the first time, and it was enough for the duo to fall in love. They hit it off as soon as they met and even moved in together after Nia moved to Los Angeles to be close to her then-boyfriend.

The two moved quickly, starting out in their relationship and went from sharing a room to exchanging their vows. The couple was together for a long time when Bill proposed and she said yes, the man who preached everyone never to get married citing half of the marriages in America ends in a divorce and also explained the eye-watering alimony money needed to be paid to the exes, the same Bill Burr was the one who proposed, and Nia & Bill got married.

Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill got married.Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr got married after meeting in a comedy show.
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In 2013, the unthinkable happened and Bill Burr started to wear a wedding ring after the ceremony with his wife. When asked about the reason he got married, the first thing he always tells is a joke and then goes on to explain the amazing woman Nia is, which was the reason for him getting hitched.

Nia showed him the life he can live, instead of the one he was living, and the beautiful woman was the reason one of the stout non-marriage guys was off the market.

Defending Her Inter-racial Marriage with Bill Burr

Polaroid picture of Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill.Nia and Bill faced some trouble with their interracial marriage.
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Inter-racial marriages are legal; they were made legal over 50 years ago, but still, there is some stigma surrounding the whole thing, and a white woman marrying a black man (or vice-versa) is even more frowned upon in some of the American society. There is something to be said about the people going out from their own race and marrying outside, which makes them a pariah in their own society.

This was also the case when Bill and Nia got married. He is a white man, and she is a black woman, there are bound to be some side-eyes from people. And considering they both are famous performers, this made the whole thing even larger. The comedian also wrote in her blog about the difficulty of staying at home and not pitching in equally as her husband and how it can be perceived in society.

Christmas tress and Bill and Nia standing in front of it.Bill and Nia got married and are living together in Los Angeles.
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No matter how much people say outside influence doesn’t matter, it does creep into the life of people and their relationship somehow. Nia also spoke of the imbalance caused in her relationship, and it was all drowned out when the couple welcomed their first bundle of joy.

Giving Birth to a Beautiful Baby Daughter

Bill Burr and Nia Hill became parents to their daughter Lola.Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr became parents to their daughter Lola.
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After three years of marriage, Nia got pregnant, and she gave birth to a beautiful biracial daughter, Lola. She is her dad’s princess and his angel, someone who caused the man to control his anger.

Bill talked in his special Paper Tiger about raising a mixed child and also the love he’s got for her and how much her birth changed his and Nia’s life. He also explained how he changed a joke in his new hit special because it could be deemed as hurtful to his life when she sees the special in the future.

Bill Burr with his daughter on the stage inside the Royal Albert Theatre.Bill Burr talked about his daughter in his new special 'Paper Tiger'.
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The reason he gave The Warp for the omission of the joke was, “I’ll be honest with you: I had a different closer for this hour almost right until the night we taped. I called an audible because the joke was about my daughter being born and me feeling some crazy feelings, and I just thought it would hurt her feelings if she ever saw it. It was more my issue, but I was just worried she wouldn’t process it that way. And I would never want to hurt her, so I was just like, ‘I don’t need to do that.”

Nia made a huge change in Bill’s life, but Lola is also the reason he is the man he is today. And we are believers; there is almost always a woman behind the success of a man, most of the times they just stay behind which is why we do not know of them and in Bill’s case, he’s got, not one, but two amazing ladies standing by his side.

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