Nickmercs GF - Who is the Girlfriend of the Famous Twitch Streamer and Are They Married?

Aug 5, 2020 @ 1:33 GMT-0500
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Nickmercs GF - Who is the Girlfriend of the Famous Twitch Streamer and Are They Married?

The world of gaming is different from the way it used to be, from being a time passing thing to a world of its own where millionaires are made playing a game. Nick Kolcheff is one of those millionaires; in 2020, Nickmercs gf and the prolific gamer are engaged and living their best life.

Before fame, though, it was hard work for Nickmercs to get to the point where he is today. The Twitch streamer made his name through Gears of War tournaments, winning esport events. But the life of a competitive esports player was not where his career took him. Nick went his own way; he started streaming, and over the years, slowly made himself a must-see attraction on Twitch.

The almost 30-year-old player started playing Fortnite and later established himself as one of the most talented Call of Duty players. In 2020, he is still playing Fortnite, COD is on the backburners though, but is the same fate heading towards his marriage plans?

Nickmercs GF – Who is the Girlfriend of the Gamer?

Nickmercs gf first debuted on the social media page of the gamer a while ago. At the time, Nickmercs called his girlfriend Emumita Bonita, and the couple seemed to be pretty comfortable and happy with each other’s company.

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Emumita is not the real name of Nickmercs gf, or so the reporting tells us. The couple has been together for a long time, and over the past few years, the gamer has sparsely shown off his gf to the adoring masses. But when the time came for the big day, Nick made sure his fans were there to see it all.

Nickmercs and His GF got Engaged Over a Year Ago

There is not a great track record when it comes to streamers being in a relationship. New people come in and go out from time to time, but Nickmercs gf is a keeper, the couple was together for numerous years, and for their years of dedication to one another, the couple got engaged.

On July 8, Nick was doing his daily stream when he showed off his room. The room was beautifully decorated with flowers and candles while he waited on his knees for Emu to enter the room and see the surprise.

During the live stream, Nickmers gf walked in, and then in front of thousands of fans, Nick popped the question. Nervous Nick got the answer he was looking for as the longtime couple decided they were ready to take the next step in their relationship.

Is Nickmercs GF Married to Her Boyfriend?

The couple enjoyed a blissful few weeks as fans poured in with love and congratulations for the newly engaged duo. Nickmercs gf appeared more frequently on Nick’s Instagram, with the lovebirds showing off her massive diamond ring.

But after the 2019 Halloween, Emu has disappeared from Nick’s Instagram page. It is unclear what is going on between Nick and his girlfriend. Maybe it is the COVID 19, which is messing with the couple’s plan to get married.

It is understandable; you cannot plan a wedding while being locked inside a house during a massive worldwide pandemic. As of this date, Nickmercs and his gf are not married, they are still engaged, and the fans of the gamer will have to wait till all this mess is cleared up to get updated on their marriage date.

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