Pat From Telemarketers: Where Is He Now?

Pat from Telemarketers is a telemarketing legend from New Jersey who describes himself as a freelance journalist, and there are clues that he is involved in the field of telemarketing as both an expert and an undercover practitioner.

The first episode of HBO‘s new documentary series Telemarketers premiered on Max on Aug 13, 2023, which follows a startling investigation that reveals decades-old instances of wrongdoing and multibillion-dollar fraud in the telemarketing industry.

The series follows telemarketers Sam Lipman-Stern and Patrick J. Pespas (aka Pat) as they document the corporation they work for, its irresponsible employment practices, and the phony donations it asks its customers to assist. It is produced by a consortium that includes Danny McBride and the Safdie brothers.

In episode one, it is revealed that  Pat is a telemarketing legend, and he swiftly becomes the series’ star. As fans anticipate fresh episodes and the eventual reveal of new secrets, they may wonder what the icon himself is up to these days. Well, here’s everything you need to know.

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Telemarketers: Pat Is a Freelance Writer, Telemarketer Specialist, and Undercover Telemarketer!

Patrick Pespas aka Pat from Telemarketers began working as a full-time telemarketer in New Jersey in the late 1990s, only to quickly gain the title of legend due to his remarkable record.

The truth is that he was not only a convicted felon on probation, but he also had serious drug problems, which were never hidden while he worked at Civic Development Group (CDG) in the 2000s, as he was always high.

According to his few former coworkers of his, he frequently misused heroin in the restroom before going out to make additional sales, only to close them despite being half passed out.

Pat is a telemarketing legend from New Jersey. celebsindepth.comPat is a telemarketing legend from New Jersey.
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That’s apparently why CDG never fired Pat – he rarely broke any office or social regulations, but he almost always went above and beyond his benchmark, allowing him to get away with a lot. In the documentary series, colleague telemarketer Billy Fedor was open:

I don’t even know half the time if he knew what he was saying to people on the phone and they’d still give him money.

Many people remained loyal to him because he really treated everyone with respect, wore empathy and compassion on his sleeves, and was an all-around decent person.

Nonetheless, it is apparent that Pat detested his job and telemarketing in general – he despised practically every facet of its operation but had to continue working to support his partner, Sue.

However, it’s no wonder that when he met a like-minded, then-aspiring filmmaker in the office, he urged the kid to co-investigate the profession while capturing it.

That’s how Pat and Sam Lipman-Stern met, albeit neither understood their leads would gradually shrink once the government forced CDG to close shop in 2009.

Patrick eventually found work as a delivery man for a local Chinese restaurant to support his small family, but he vanished just as things began to heat up again around 2012.

He’d truly vanished with no trace, leaving Sam to fear the worst for about a year before learning his former coworker/friend had gotten his life together and was working at a petrol station.

That’s when the two started speaking again, only for Pat to reach out after treatment in 2020, completely determined to bring their exposure to a satisfactory conclusion.

Where is Patrick “Pat” Pespas Now?

Pat still serves as a freelance writer, telemarketer specialist, and undercover telemarketer in his home state. celebsindepth.comPat still serves as a freelance writer, telemarketer specialist, and undercover telemarketer in his home state.
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Despite the fact that Pat and Sam Lipman-Stern (@sam_lipmanstern) have worked tirelessly over the last two decades to bring telemarketing frauds to the attention of Congress, their fight is still ongoing.

As a result, it appears that the former proudly serves as a freelance writer, telemarketer specialist, and undercover telemarketer while still residing in his home state of New Jersey.

In terms of Pat’s personal experiences, while he prefers to keep things private, it appears that he is free of heavy drugs these days and is grateful to have his companion Sue by his side.

According to the original production, they had a few hard years — she’d left him for a bit due to his issues before getting back together following a cancer diagnosis — but now she’s not just in remission, but she’s also grateful to have her long-lasting love remain.