Patsy Kensit Looks Fit After Undergoing Weight Loss – Patsy Kensit has inspired many people with her weight loss. Her weight has fluctuated many times, and she has struggled with her health and weight throughout her life. In her 30s, she gained 3 pounds, and after a strict weight-loss diet and exercise, she started looking fit. As of now, she doesn’t follow strict routines, but she loves eating healthy.

Patricia Jude Kensit better known as Patsy Kensit is an English actress and was the lead singer of the pop band Eighth Wonder in the 1980s. She began her career as a child, and she started gaining fame after appearing in a string of commercials for Birds Eye Frozen Peas. Recently, she has been in the news after she appeared in the TV series Death in Paradise. Have you watched the Christmas special episode?

Death in Paradise is in its 12th season, and recently she joined the cast of the DIP Christmas special as grieving wife Bella Stableforth. Many people were happy to see her on the show, while others seemed to have a bunch of questions to ask. She was wearing a long gown while her hair was untied and she was looking very young, and people loved her make-up.

After watching Patsy’s in the show, people seem to notice her weight loss. In this article, we will be talking about her diet, exercise, and how much she weighs. To learn more about her weight-loss journey, read this article.

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Patsy Kensit’s Has Been Inspiring Everyone With Her Weight Loss

Patsy Kensit‘s (@patsykensit) weight loss has been a controversial topic for a long time, and her weight has inspired many people since 2013. When she posted her picture in early 2023, many people started getting curious if she had a weight loss of choice or if she was having a health issue. Well, she is 55 years old, and we think the concern people are showing on her look might be in a positive way.

Patsy Kensit admitted that she was blasted for being thin. Patsy Kensit admitted that she was blasted for being thin.
Source: Instagram

The rumors started spreading soon, and people started questioning her by commenting on her Instagram picture. Soon after some time, Patsy talked about the rumors and admitted that she was blasted for being thin, although she is fit. After gaining a massive weight in her 30s, she started trying different diets and fitness techniques to try and shed the weight, but nothing worked as she stated;

I spent the next two or three years training like an athlete cutting out this cutting out that, I so focused on getting the weight off. My mother had done it in the 70s and it was a trusted diet, like an institution. I went along to the meetings and it just worked.

Patsy Kensit Was Bored of the Same Weight-Loss Diet Routine

Although Patsy Kensit lost the weight she gained in her 30s after having her second child; she was bored with her weight loss diet and daily routine. Continuing the interview, she said that she thinks that everyone can often be eating without even really acknowledging that we are putting something in our mouths. She also mentioned that she thinks there is a lot to be said about eating dinner and not having the distraction of the TV.

Patsy Kensit gave credit for her weight loss to healthy eating habits. Patsy Kensit gave credit for her weight loss to healthy eating habits.
Source: Instagram

Some months after giving birth to her second child, Kensit rejoined WeightWatchers, and she has stunned everyone because of her weight loss. She lost around 9⁄2 pounds in her comeback and said that she always knew who she was, and she just felt that it was something she wanted to do for herself. It was something she needed to do, and she mentioned why the weight loss was important for her; she was small, but every pound showed.

What Kind of Exercise Does Patsy Kensit Usually Do?

Talking about Patsy Kensit‘s exercise routine, she hasn’t seen a personal trainer in more than a year. Previously, in her 30s, she was getting trained, but now she does a little bit of walking and has a healthy plan to maintain her weight loss result. She has mentioned that she has been teaching her sons to eat healthily and stated,

My boys eat they both have such healthy appetites. I will go and do food shops and the fridge is bursting and I will be like where did all that go. They are way more open to things than I was growing up. You can really make some delicious things it’s not like you have to make two different meals.

Well, this is not the first time Kensit has spoken about her weight-loss journey. In 2013, she was struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle after being hospitalized with pneumonia. She said that she needed help because she was working crazy hours outside, which caused her to have a chest infection for weeks. She informed her about the situation through her Instagram at that time.

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