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Pearl Thusi started in the show business at a young age; she was only 15 when she first got her first outing as a performer. Over the years, through her performance in Hollywood and her home country of South Africa, she’s established herself as one of the renowned performers from the Continent of Africa.

The actress who rose to fame with the appearance in the ABC series Quantico was born on 13 May 1988 as Sithembile Xola Pearl Thusi, in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, to her parents. For most of her life and career, the actress stayed in her home town, only venturing out into the world when her work demanded it.

The beauty from Africa started her career in front of the camera in 2009 when she was hired for a small part in an HBO series. Pear Thusi later revealed the trouble of being taken seriously as an actress till the time she was hired to appear in Western shows and movies. She is now appearing as Queen Sono in the first-ever Netflix Africa series of the same name.

Pearl Thusi Plays Queen Sono in the Netflix Series of the Same Name

With the start of a new decade, Netflix is also trying something new with its streaming service, branching out into new territories and letting the native people tell the native stories. In their quest to allow more inclusivity, Netflix is making their first African TV show with Queen Sono and Pearl Thusi is playing the eponymous role.

Pearl Thusi plays Queen Sono in the Netflix series; she is a secret agent working for the South African intelligence agency. She is a brash, off the cuff, no regard for authority type of lady who was picked up from prison by the intelligence agency when she was only 16 years old. All her adult life was about working for the people who trained her, but when someone from her past appears back in her life, everything becomes more personal.

Queen Sono also comes up against her former close friend Shandu, played by Vuyo Dabula, who was a spy once upon a time but now works as the right-hand man of the main villain of the show, Ekaterina, played by Kate Liquorish. All the work before was for a cause, but this time for Queen Sono, it is all personal, and you can catch her bring her brand of justice only on Netflix when it premieres worldwide on 28 February 2020.

Pearl Thusi became Famous from Her Role in Quantico – Career of the Actress

Pearl Thusi recently gave an interview where she felt like an actress only recently after her appearance in a hit western series. Before the role in Quantico, the actress said she was not afforded the respect she deserved, and only after Hollywood embraced her did she find the same level of enthusiasm in her home country.

In a way, Quantico killed two birds with one stone; she showed her talent at an international stage and also got the respect she deserved from the industry back home. But her role as Dayana Mampasi in the ABC series came in 2016 and 2017; her career started over a decade ago.

She was in a single episode of Family Bonds in 2006, followed by HBO show The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. Pearl Thusi also appeared in the direct to DVD follow up to the horror series Tremors in Tremors 5: Bloodlines. Then came her role in Quantico followed by Catching Feelings, The Scorpion King, and she will appear in Bulletproof 2 and the most anticipated work of hers to date in Queen Sono.

Pearl Thusi and Zinhle Jiyane Seem Close – Are They Dating?

Pearl Thusi and Zinhle Jiyane seem to be close to one another though it is not clear if they are dating.Pearl Thusi and Zinhle Jiyane seem to be close to one another though it is not clear if they are dating.
Source: Zinhle Jiyane Instagram

The Queen Sono actress and professional DJ Zinhle Jiyane share quite a bond with one another. They vacation together, and there was even a picture of them kissing in water, which raised some question whether the two were dating.

When the fans are concerned, they want the two to start dating, but Pearl and Zinhle refer to each other as best friends. They appear closer than normal best friends, and they also never claimed to be in a relationship. Pearl Thusi may be in a relationship with Zinhle, but as long as they keep referring to each other as friends, there is no way to confirm they are in a relationship.

The Queen Sono Actress is a Mother of Two

Pearl Thusi is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters.Pearl Thusi is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters.
Source: Pearl Thusi Instagram

Pearl Thusi is a proud mother of two kids, and she is also an animal lover with three dogs currently under her care. The actress was blessed with her first kid Thando Mokoena while her career was only taking off, and she recently adopted her second child Okuhlekonke, who is four and a half years old.

The actress was asked about the recent adoption and how it came about, also about where the little girl was from. She was not going to disclose any of the information with the actress saying she will let her daughter tell the story when and if she is ready. Pearl explained it was not her story to tell; she is just happy living with her two kids and three dogs.

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