Philemon Chambers Boyfriend: Single All the Way Star is Queer, Learn His Relationship Details!

Philemon Chambers identifies as Queer and after his appearance in the Netflix movie Single All the Way, the actors is gathering boyfriend speculations, here are all the facts!

Best known for his exceptional performance in Of Hearts and Castles in 2020, Philemon Chambers is an aspiring actor striving to mark his name in Hollywood. A newbie, Chambers is already rising to be a phenomenal star. Debuting in one a kind Christmas movie with a gay love story, fans are eager to know more about Philemon Chambers, especially his boyfriend.

Going by the name Jonathan Chambers for quite a while Philemon Chambers has been in the entertainment business since 2006 but was playing small roles behind the leads. Even though he is in the industry for a long time too little is known know about him. Fans are busy speculating whether he is gay or not and if yes who is his boyfriend here’s everything we know about Philemon Chambers and his boyfriend.

Philemon Chambers Boyfriend: Possible Lucky Man Offscreen

philemon-chambers-boyfriend-queerPhilemon Chambers identifies himself as queer and the actor’s boyfriend details has fans speculating.
Image Source: Philemon Chambers Instagram

As charming as he looks, Philemon is one of the heart-eyed celebrities. Identifying himself as queer, Philemon Chambers speaks up on how he is glad to be queer, live, and identify himself however he wants. In appreciation of his sexual identity and support to others, Chambers opened up about his sexuality publicly on Instagram on October 22, 2021.

Captioning the post as “Its #SpiritDay! Go purple now to take a stand against bullying and to support LGBTQ youth. Thank you @glaad for allowing my voice to be heard ??”, the charming actor talked about how representation of the LGBTQ community is important in the mainstream media so that no one has to feel they are different and be ashamed of themselves. This revelation made fans interestingly curious to know more about Philemon if he has a boyfriend and who could it be!

Going through Chambers’s socials, there’s literally nothing about his love life! A charming man who loves to have fun, Philemon is reserved when it comes to his love interests. Embracing his queerness and spreading love, Philemon however has decided to keep his boyfriend a secret, or could he actually be single all the way?

Philemon Chambers and Michael Urie are set to be the pretend boyfriends this Holiday season but could there be something off-screen too?

Philemon Chambers and Michael Urie are soon appearing in the Christmas movie Single All the Way, where Chambers is playing “pretend boyfriend” of Michael Urie. Fans are way too excited for the Netflix holiday movie since it has queer representation and is unique in its own way.

More than the theme of the movie, fans are excited about the chemistry between Philemon and Michael. The sweet gay romance making this Christmas even sweeter! But could there be more between Chambers and Urie in real life? Could Philemon be more than Michael’s on-screen pretend boyfriend?

Sadly, the two share nothing but queer friendships between them. Michael Urie has been in a long time relationship with actor Ryan Spahn since 2008. Their mutual passion for theater brought the pair together. The pair haven’t married or been engaged yet but it might change soon.

Netflix’s Single All The Way is Here to Steal the Christmas Spotlight!

Netflix just landed its gay rom-com Christmas movie Single All the Way! Released on December 2, the movie is one of a kind. Michael Mayer, the Tony Award-winning director of the Broadway smash “Spring Awakening,” is bringing a holiday-themed romantic comedy based on gay males to Netflix, and the audience is all here for it!

The ensemble project Single All the Way boasts beloved actors from prior pop culture hits and a pedigreed production crew in a genre that has witnessed rising calls for inclusiveness. The movie’s plot features the story of Peter played by Michael Urie, who is obviously single all the way!

Peter encourages his closest buddy Nick played by Philemon Chambers to join him for the holidays and pretend that they’re now in a relationship in order to dodge his family’s criticism about his constant single status. The plan goes bad when Peter’s mother sets him up on a blind date with her gorgeous trainer James played by Luke MacFarlane. The story unfolds love, chemistry, and warmth between the two best friends.

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Screen written and executive produced by Chad Hodge and co-produced by Joel S. Rice, the cast of the movie includes, Michael Urie as Peter, Philemon Chambers as Nick, Luke Macfarlane as James, Barry Bostwick as Peter‘s father, Jennifer Coolidge as Aunt Sandy, and Kathy Najimy as Carole, Peter‘s mother.

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