Michael Urie Husband: Single All the Way Star’s Theatre Boyfriend and 12 Years+ Relationship Details!

Michael Urie is dating his boyfriend Ryan Spahn. People want to know if Ryan is Michael’s husband and we have some details for you regarding the theatre and Netflix’s Single All the Way star.

Michael Urie started his career on stage, trained on stage and later made a career performing on off-broadway plays. Beyond that the actor also was able to transition to TV and movies, something only few actors manage to sustain over almost 2 decades. But that is exactly what Michael has done, even going as far to starring in Netflix’s first gay holiday rom-com. So, obviously fans are excited to know husband, boyfriend and partner details, and we have got some information for you.

Born on 8 August 1980, Michael Urie was raised by his parents in Plano, Texas. He went to school there at Plano Senior High School. An avid fan of acting and theatre, Michael joined the acting department at school and appeared in a few school plays. After high school he went to community college until he was accepted into Juilliard where he continued his passion for acting.

Training and graduating from Juilliard School, he started performing on stage. By the time his career onscreen was beginning, Michael was already an established actor on the theatre front. But it wasn’t until his role of Marc St. James in Ugly Betty, that propelled him to stardom. While he was also starring in the show, the actor also fell in love and fans are speculating regarding his husband, so here is everything we know.

Michael Urie Husband: Ryan Spahn Boyfriend and Relationship Details

michael-urie-husband-ryan-spahn-12-years-boyfriendMichael Uri does not have a husband, he has however been in a relationship with his boyfriend Ryan Spahn for over 12 years.
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Being gay now and 2 decades from now were two very different prospects. While the conditions for LGBTQ+ identifying people is still not great, the progress that has been made in the past 20 years has been clear. For one, many countries are making it possible for same sex couple to get married. But even before that progress, Michael Urie and his boyfriend Ryan Spahn, were living together and openly gay.

The couple has been together for more than 12 years in 2021, the longevity of the relationship is where the husband talk is coming from. But despite the longevity, the start of their romance was less than ideal as multiple cancelations and desires for something new hindering the two from getting together. It took a few years for the two to even sit down and go on a date from the time they fixed to meet up for the first time.

Fans may consider Ran Spahn to be Michael Urie’s husband but that is not the case. The couple has not even decided to get engaged. They live by patterns and try not to make any plans, maybe that has a lot to do with the way the couple met for the first time. According to Michael, he met boyfriend Ryan in a Karaoke bar in Burbank, California, but Ryan has no recollection of the meeting.

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They were supposed to go out on a date soon after their first meeting, a mutual friend of the couple had setup a date for the two. Well, it was not to be as one of Michael’s friend died and he could not make it to the date. A burned Ryan from past relationship decided it was not worth the hassle to reschedule and that was the end of their short time knowing each other.

Michael and Ryan did not stay in touch and soon Ugly Betty took off for him to really worry about other stuff. But fate had other ideas for the Netflix star, the show moved to New York and at the same time Ryan moved to the city as well. They kept running into one another and one day when a mutual friend could not make it to a meeting with the two, Michael and Ryan ended up having their first date.

Ryan Spahn is Not Michael Urie’s Husband: They Have Been Together for 12+ Years

The first date went great as they finally got to see each other for who they really were. It was also what they needed to go to the next level, as soon after the date Michael and Ryan moved in together. They even started to appear in theatre shows together, starring opposite to one another. After dating people outside of their career, it was boring for the two and they almost found each other at the perfect time.

Michael said, “We’re the same age, 33, and could be considered the same type. I dated people who weren’t actors before, and it can be complicated for people who aren’t in show business; it can be really boring. He gets it, but sometimes we get sick of it.” The common career has allowed the couple to follow a pattern and not worry about putting themselves through longterm plans.

That is also probably the reason why Ryan Spahn has not become Michael Urie’s husband. Being boyfriends is something they know well after 12+ years of relationship. There is no need to complicate their relationship by introducing a variable which has a tendency to complicate things sometime. So, Michael Urie is not married, he is however happily in a relationship with his boyfriend.

Michael Urie Leads Netflix’s Single All the Way as Peter

We have had various holiday movies from Netflix over the years, some were successful, others not so much. But every year around this time, we tend to get a flurry of Christmas and New Year themed movies and TV shows from the streaming service. But this time around, Netflix is doing something unique, they are releasing their first holiday-themed gay rom-com movie, this holiday season.

Single All the Way is directed by Michael Mayer, from a script written by Chad Hodge. The movie features some recognizable faces and the leading men are gay in real life. The movie follows a similar pattern as most holiday movies. Michael Urie’s character Peter invites his friend and asks him to be his fake boyfriend in front of his parents. But his parents see more to the two then just friends and they go about fixing it.

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Single All the Way is coming to Netflix on 2 December 2021. The cast of the movie is led by Michael Urie as Peter and Philemon Chambers as Nick, with Luke Macfarlane as JamesBarry Bostwick as Peter‘s father, Jennifer Coolidge as Aunt SandyKathy Najimy as Carole, Peter‘s mother also starring.

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