Tawny Newsome Husband: True Story Star is Married for Over 8 Years to Her Hubby Nate Urbansky

Tawny Newsome is married to her husband Nate Urbansky for over 8 years. They dated for 3 years before tying the knot. Learn the True Story Netflix star’s relationship details and her married life.

An actress, comedian, musician, Tawny Newsome is everything you can ever imagine a talented person to be. Best known for playing Chelsea Leight-Leigh on Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, as well as co-starring in Space Force, and the third season of Brockmire, Tawny has built herself as an actress of high caliber. Doing anything and everything one can imagine, she also co-hosts the podcast Yo, Is This Racist? along with being a singer in the band  Four Lost Souls. A woman of stratospheric caliber, fans want to know more about her personal life and importantly about her husband!

Born on February 24, 1983, in  Vacaville, California, Newsome attended theater school in Chicago. Interested in comedy, she began her comedy career with Second City. She also went on to become a backup singer in a touring Talking Headstribute band. This opened up opportunities for the talented artist and she was then cast in Documentary Now! in the same role. All in all an interesting person, there’s more to know about Tawny’s life including her husband.

Tawny Newsome Husband Nate Urbansky: Married for Over 8 Years

tawny-newsome-husband-8-yearsTawny Newsome and her husband Nate Urbansky have been married for over 8 years. They dated for 3 years before tying the knot.
Image Source: Tawny Newsome Instagram

Yes, Tawny Newsome is married to her husband Nate Urbansky for 8 years, now, while they have been together for an amazing 11 years. The pair celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary on September 23, 2021, while also acknowledging the fact that Newsome and her husband have been together for 11 whole years. The actress posted a picture with her partner under the caption, “8 years ? yesterday. 11 together. I’d post a wedding pic but we’re much hotter now so why go backward, we remember it just fine.” 

Tawny Newsome whose husband goes by Nate only works in the entertainment industry, specifically music. Tawny’s husband has been helping her in recording studio music since he is associated with Harper Radio WHCM. He also contributed to multiple of Tawny’s music shows and recordings. Bethany Thomas who produces music together with Tawny wrote in a post, “Big eternal love to @thelifeofnate and @pmartinmusic for backing us up and helping us shine” in accordance with Tawny Newsome’s husbands work.

Working and growing together, Tawny Newsome and her husband seem to have a very dynamic relationship. Whether it’s going on adventures together or releasing music films, the pair always have each other’s back and can also be seen happy with each other. The queen of comedy, Tawny mixes her very comedic demeanor into her marriage too. The actress once posted a selfie of her husband, Nate Urbansky, with the caption, ” I’m sorry. This might be Nate’s first selfie. I discovered it on my phone. I think he took it as a gag when I asked him to take a pic of me. The joke’s on him though, because I am obsessed with it.”

Tawny Newsome and her husband also stood against racism together. Biracial, Tawny was born to a black father and white mother. The comedy actress had to face racism every now and then. Thus, she and her husband have been actively standing up against racism. Standing up against the discrimination, Tawny shares her thoughts and experiences with racism through her podcast Yo, Is This Racist?

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Very outspoken on the issue, Newsome’s husband Nate shared a post on racism on his Instagram stating how white people are comfortable with racism among themselves and how he was treated when he refused to partake in anything that goes with racism. The couple actively stands up against racism and other things that cause harm to the society too.

Tawny Newsome is starring in Kevin Hart’s new Netflix show True Story


A seven-episode thriller stars Kevin Hart as a celebrity who is racing to cover up a death  which  may or may not be responsible for. True Story was created to show that he is as capable of hard-edge drama as he is of any other genre, znc and executive producer on the series.

Tawny Newsome is playing the character of Billie. She plays a writer who works on material for Kid to perform but is increasingly frustrated by a lack of recognition. She wants to be known for her work and not just be a staff writer for a comedian who is going to the moon. But Billie also wants to be loyal to her friend while also trying to pursue a career outside of her current job.

So, with two recognizable name and a stellar cast, Netflix has a potential hit on their hands. While critics have not warmed up to the series while praising the acting, it appears fans are satisfied with the limited series. There will not be a season 2, but it was fun to see Kevin Hart in another semi-dramatic turn, a fresh step away from the barrage of comedy movies and TV shows.

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True Story is currently streaming on Netflix. The cast is led by Kevin Hart as KidWesley Snipes as Carlton, with Tawny Newsome as BilliePaul Adelstein as ToddWill Catlett as HerschelChris Diamantopoulos as SavvasBilly Zane as AriLauren London as MonycaAsh Santos as DaphneJohn Ales as Nikos, and Theo Rossi as Gene also starring.

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