Jessica Tarlov Husband 2021 - Married and Pregnant Fox New Contributor Shares Good News!

Sep 10, 2021 @ 1:15 GMT-0500

Jessica Tarlov is a moderate voice in an ocean of conservatives that appear on FOX News. Starting her time on the channel as a guest, she has gone on to become a constant contributor to the channel. Appearing mostly on The Five, her takes may be drowned out, but Jessica doesn't stop her reasoning. In 2021 Jessica got married to her husband and  revealed (hilariously) that she is pregnant, and we have got more details for you below.

Born on 9 March 1984 in the Kansas, United States, the FOX News contributor was born in a family with ties to the entertainment industry. According to reports, her father worked as a director and producers but that was not the path Jessica though she would take at a young age. She was focused more towards the academic side of things.

After finishing her high school, she got her Bachelor's and Masters degrees then headed to London where she studied to Political Science and got her PhD. She was awarded her doctorate in 2012, but her career again took another path as she juggled political strategy job with on-camera gig on FOX News. But that is not what we are discussing here, you want to know when Jessica Talov got married to her husband, well, we have some answers.

Jessica Tarlov is Married to Her Husband Roman Kuznetsov in 2021 - They are Pregnant

jessica-tarlov-husband-2021Jessica Tarlov is married to her husband Roman Kuznetsov in 2021. They have been together for over 4 years and got married in May 2021.
Image Source: Twitter

Jessica Tarlov is a fixture in households all over America. Being on the most watched cable news channel makes you a household name and the fame of the political commenter shows the following she has through the channel. Nearly 50k followers on Twitter, Jessica does not have an Instagram, opting to communicate with her fans through the mico-blogging platform.

That also means most of the times Jessica is just plugging her show and not sharing about her day-to-day life. But that has not stopped the 37-year-old from sharing about her boyfriend-turned-husband. The first time news came of Jessica having a boyfriend was from the spring of 2017. A tweet explained the couple started dating around February, four years ago.

For those interested, Roman Kuznetsov is a Russian taekwondo athlete who came in third at the 2017 World Taekwondo Championship. He currently resides in New York and comments on Russian political events. A liberal when it comes to his politics, the fans of the couple let them know that despite their politics, they still love the two.

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After falling in love, the couple met each other's families, went to Cowboy's games together and shared it all with their followers. Through the years the couple shared pictures of their time together, much to the happiness of fans. But the biggest news was yet to come that sent thousands of fans to congratulate the couple.

Jessica Tarlov and her husband Roman Kuznetsov got engaged in April 2021. She showed off a beautiful ring during the FOX Business show Kennedy. Soon after getting engaged the couple got married. Jessica made her first appears on The Five after getting married in May 2021. She explained on 10 June 2021 that the new episode was her first one since tying the knot.

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But good news kept on coming as Jessica announced that she was pregnant. Well, she did not exactly announce her pregnancy as Dana Parino could not hold back and spilled the beans on the happy news. After accidentally leaking the news, Dana wrote on Twitter, "I love this woman! ⁦@JessicaTarlov⁩ Let me be the one to accidentally spill the beans. But they are such good beans!!"

We do not know how far along Jessica is right now, but the pregnancy was obviously a good news for her and her husband. It has been an eventful year for the FOX News contributor, getting engaged, married, and pregnant within a few months, it could not have been planned any better. And all of our congratulations to the married couple as they embark on the next chapter of their long journey as husband and wife.

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